Crash during tramway work in Izmit

The collapse during the tram operation in Izmit: The collapse in front of the Levent Bazaar next to Balık Pazarı, which is located on İzmit Şahabettin Bilgisu Street, caused great panic. Eyewitnesses stated that the pavement at the side of the road which was excavated due to tram works collapsed with a big noise and the materials of Levent Büfe were buried with this collapse. The owner of the buffet was angry because of his property, said that he was arguing with officials. An eye-witness, the collapse of the 10-15-meter area where an elderly person always sells curly, luckily the time of the event was not there 13.30-14.00 queues, he added. It was stated that the collapsing area was closed with pebbles when there was no loss of life.

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