Izmir people said public transportation

İzmirliler public transportation said: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, 2030 40 120 thousand people in the framework of the preparation of the ı Transportation Master Plan ı to shape the transportation in the city by a thousand people surveyed; 200 held meetings with institutions and organizations.

Here are the public transportation notes of Izmir: City residents 5.9 million travels per day. 2 million 289 thousand people take advantage of public transport. Public transport travel per person is over Istanbul and Ankara. The average journey duration is 33.7 minutes. 32 of Izmir people are transferring. 79 is satisfied with public transportation.

In line with technological progress and developing needs, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out update works in the transportation plan, continues its work on 'İzmir Transportation Master Plan' which will shape urban transportation until 2030. In order to determine the transportation needs of the citizens, to take the demands and to shape the new transportation master plan in this direction, a total of 40 thousand people were interviewed face-to-face in the total 120 thousand households by experts in their field.

In addition to the works carried out in the field, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality held stakeholder meetings with 200 institutions and organizations to inform them about the works carried out within the framework of participatory democratic management approach. Meetings organized by 30 county municipality, transportation department managers, 32 Association, 27 professional chambers, 9 university, 25 city council, 40 chambers of industry and commerce and non-governmental organizations participated.

120 thousand people interviewed
40 120 thousand people in a thousand households and also 6 bin driver, pedestrian and passenger survey was also done. Traffic counts and speed studies were also carried out at crossroads and sections. Socio-economic and demographic information, gender, education status, students, automobile ownership, income, employment, working population, travel information, transportation types, public transport, private car use and car parking system, integration of transportation types, bicycle transportation , pedestrian and disabled access were reached with sub-headings.

In the household survey, 327 team worked. 130 also took part in the field research. According to the results of the survey, 1 thousand employees 202 million 846 thousand students, where the number of 643 thousand students, the number of cars 1000 thousand 164 people were determined to be 134. (The average of Turkey 2085) İzmir while the average revenue per 5 In general, the total daily living in Izmir 883 1.5 million ride his journey, the journey has been determined that 3 per capita. In Europe, this rate varies between 4 and XNUMX.

Izmir people said “public transportation İzmir
The number of passengers taking advantage of public transport in Izmir is 2 million 289 thousand, 1 million 664 thousand of these passengers from the tire-wheeled system, 313 binun metro, 260 bin from İZBAN, 36 bin is used by the sea transportation; 11 bin was found to use taxi taxi. Compared to Istanbul and Ankara, the rate of public transport per capita in Izmir was determined to be 0.58. 0.47 in Ankara and 0.42 in Istanbul.

The average travel time in Izmir was determined as 33.7 minutes. 66 is the first 30 in Izmir. In the research conducted on the transfer journey, it was determined that the 68 of the Izmiris, who are benefiting from the public transportation, travels directly, and the 32 of the percentage is transferring. 427 thousand people transfer one, 101 thousand people with two transfers, 9 thousand people are traveling with three transfers.

According to the results of the survey of the satisfaction of public transport users, the percentage of people in Izmir 79 was satisfied with public transportation. The percentage of those who say i is good oran is 28, the ratio of those who say bad is 13 and the ratio of those who say bad is 8. 85.6 of the public transport users demanded the use of the rail system, 12 of the sea transportation, 9.5, 7.2 and 75 pedestrian roads. XNUMX of passengers using the ferry and rail system asked for night trips.

Bicycle use became widespread
34 thousand people were determined to use the bike in the survey, the satisfaction level of the bicycle users were measured. 64 of bicycle users in Izmir was found to use comfortable bicycles.

The strengths of İzmir in terms of public transportation are as follows: Powerful common electronic fee collection system, free transfer within minutes, existing transfer centers, sea transportation and rail system feeding lines, widespread public transport network, well-established corporate building, parking lots by municipal companies operation, built bicycle paths, rental bike system and pedestrian areas in the city center and the prevalence of pedestrian roads.

Scientific transportation model
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will be able to estimate the transportation demand in the city in the future by taking into account the daily travel data and travel characteristics of the city. In addition, within the scope of the plan, a scientific basis will be established for projects such as road network proposals, public transportation system line and operating plans, rail system proposals, pedestrian and bicycle path development proposals, parking policies, intercity and rural transport links.

1 / 1000 scaled city center traffic circulation plans, 100 level crossroads preliminary project, 10 bridge junction pre-project, rail system pre-projects, highway corridor preliminary projects, pre-feasibility studies of public transportation systems, transportation modeling software suitable for İzmir Traffic simulation software to be prepared.

Expert staff working
In the er Izmir Metropolitan Area Urban and Near Environment Transportation Master Plan Revision Kent, expert scientists are consulted in accordance with the protocols with universities. The studies were conducted by the Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Prof. Dr. Ergun Gedizlioğlu Dr. Prof. Haluk Gerçek from Dokuz Eylül University Dr. Serhan Tanyel, Asst. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özuysal and Asst. Assoc. Prof. Pelin Çalışkanelli from Ege University. Dr. Prof. Dr. Gülgün Erdoğan Tosun, Asst. Assoc. Hanifi Kurt and Assist. Assoc. Prof. Tolga Çelik from Boğaziçi University Dr. Gokmen Ergun, under the supervision of. After the stages of ecek İzmir Transportation Master Plan X modeling, determination of alternatives and preparation of master plan, 2017 will be ready for April.



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