Beware of Izmir! Balance transfer started on old type transportation cards

Beware of Izmir! The transfer of balance started on the old type of transportation cards: İzmir people will be able to transfer their balances on the old type transportation cards to İzmirim Kart without any lower limit during the year. A maximum of 300 TL can be transferred to a card.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate started the transfer of the balances in the old type transportation cards to Izmirim Card since January 16. Accordingly, it will be possible to transfer from old cards to İzmirim Card without any lower limit until the end of this year (until 31.12.2017) at the Balance Transfer Centers specified below. While the balance transfer is valid for full student and teacher cards, the new Izmirim Card must be brought to the Balance Transfer Center with the old card. The balance in the cards that are closed due to the termination of students and teachers can only be transferred to the new card.
A maximum amount of TL 300 can be transferred to a card.

Balance Transfer Centers:

Six storey carriage transfer office
Konak Bahribaba Bus Lifts
Çankaya Subway Station
Sirinyer Marketplace entrance
Halkapınar Transfer Center
Mansion, Karşıyaka, Bostanlı, Pasaport, Alsancak ferry ports
Çeşme, Karaburun, Kemalpaşa, Menderes, Ödemiş, Seferihisar, Tire, Torbalı, Foça, Dikili, Kınık, Kiraz, Selçuk, Bergama

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