İzmir Metro and İZBAN 193 Million Passenger Carried

İzmir Metro and İZBAN Carried 193 Million Passengers: İzmir's rail system public transportation network Metro reported that İZBAN carried 2016 million passengers in 193.

According to the statement made by İzmir Metro, the number of passengers of İZBAN has increased continuously with the line of Izmir, the line length, the number of wagons and stations, with the recent investments.

The two systems have a share of 40 percent in public transport in the city. Last year 105 passengers were transported in Izmir Metro and 88 million in IZBAN. The number of passengers carried by the two-rail system company since its establishment has exceeded 1 billion 185 million.

Halkapınar was the busiest stations of both İzmir Metro and İZBAN in 2016. 15 million 320 thousand Izmir Metro and 8 million 732 thousand İZBAN passengers made the transfer from Halkapınar in a year.



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