Su Basan İZBAN Bottom Passage Tire Solution

Water Basan IZBAN Bottom Passage Tire Solution: Buca district of Izmir, Seyhan District, located in the bottom passage of citizens in the rain after rain, complaining about water filled with rain. Car tires and stones with the temporary solution of the citizens who have found that they are waiting for permanent solution from the authorities

Buca district of Izmir, citizens, filled with water from the lower passage of the car tire and stone is set by pressing the subway.

Citizens under the İZBAN underpass, which floods continuously in Seyhan District, have to pass through their own methods.

To avoid getting wet when passing through the underpass flooded by the water, citizens are tapping on the stones and vehicle tires that they have arranged.

Stating that the water in the lower passage is not missing citizens, belirten No work is done here. We want to take a precaution for the evacuation of this water. The power-ups can be pushed on the tires and stones. But old people, children, people with disabilities can't get through. We want to take a precaution. Buna

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