If municipalities work

If municipalities work:Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding, emphasized that they are at the top of the road in the field of tram, metro and high-speed train production and that they have the capacity to produce all kinds of vehicles if the municipalities wish. Durmaz drew attention to the advantages of domestic production.

Hüseyin Durmaz was the guest of the traditional monthly Independent Thoughts Meeting of MÜSİAD Bursa Branch. Morale, morale, morale .. despite the difficulties, production, export, innovation stating that they persistently Durmaz, DurmazlarHe gave information about the activities, clarified the topics of interest.

According to the information provided by Durmaz, the total size of the machinery industry in the world trade is 5 trillion dollars. In contrast, Turkey's washing machines, including all machinery exports around 15 billion dollars. Therefore, there are so many ways to go in terms of the machinery industry…

Durmaz, telling the story of tram production, mentioned that the most critical stage in the production of railway vehicles is the preference of the municipalities. Noting that the tram project started with the demand of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Durmaz said that this transportation area is very different. You have no chance to say, let me produce the tram, the subway train, the wagon and put it in the gallery. Citizens do not buy them. The state takes, the municipalities take. We produce according to the demands from the municipalities. We produced last for Samsun. The municipal administration should want domestic goods, first. We give the wagons, which are purchased from 2,2 million Euros, to 1,6 million Euros. The government now has a 15 percent advantage for the local, it protects us against China. Traffic has ruined all the cities. Wait a few minutes at the statue, you are ruined by exhaust gas. Somewhere is not going. Everyone has been so impatient, selfish and intolerant… We have everything. Let the municipalities do the job, let's do the subway, tram, high-speed train ...

Turks who do not sleep, punch, apkant sheet metal processing machines, such as the Western rivals and the laser machine that they tell about their products, such as the laser machine produced Durmaz, said: Durmazlar There are round rings around the shuttles that are sent to space as a machine. Those circles are hydrogen stores. If we can build machines that can build those hydrogen tanks, we have to make the plane and grow it as soon as possible in this country. You know, a friend of ours has a company that produces planes, even in Europe. Tomorrow that aircraft factory will come here, the 2-person aircraft will be a 4-person aircraft, 8-person. Meanwhile, other sectors will not stop, and developed countries are looking for iron on Mars ... We must go too.

MUSIAD Branch President Mustafa Gursoy, U.Ü. Rector Dr. Returning to Yusuf Ulcaya, he emphasized that it is necessary to focus on advanced technology and high added value production, and stressed the need to educate students who are doing mathematics, science and research in schools instead of rote education.

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