IETT buses are transferred to IMM

IETT buses are handed over to IMM: A new arrangement where the General Directorate of Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Operations (IETT) carrying passengers in 145 for years has handed over the buses to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and will not carry passengers except for metrobus, tunnel and tram appeared to be brought.

According to the news of Fatma Aksu from Hurriyet, the new regulation is expected to be submitted to the approval of the IMM Parliament in the coming days. With this project, it is planned to transfer all the buses of İETT to IMM and not to carry passengers other than metrobus, tunnel and tram, and to turn into an institution that will control and coordinate only the operators under it.
IETT will be the 'single authority'

With this change in IETT's mandate, it is stated that Istanbul is intended to be the only authority in the public transportation.

The General Manager of IETT, Arif Emecen, who made a presentation to the Law Commission and Transportation Commission before the project was brought to the agenda of the IBB Parliament, said for the new regulation that the existing multiple authorities would help to gather the powers that it possessed: Ulaşım IETT withdrew from a part of the focus on consulting, coordination, planning and auditing functions. IETT supports and contributes to the development of a road map with its 145 years of experience. It will be an integrated transportation plan that will include not only buses but also all wheeled vehicles (taxis, minibuses, service vehicles, subways and sea buses). Planning, auditing and coordination will be collected in one hand. IETT the world and in Turkey and will provide consultancy services to other public transport authority. "

Arif Emecan said that the passenger comfort and security will increase in Istanbul as a result of this regulation and said ta It will be a structure that will provide both source and line optimization. A system that will drop 4 passengers to square meters is planned. Through the supervisory and control staff at the site, IETT will also be reviewed at least once a month by professional teams, called as the third eye, by outsourced service. Passenger comfort will be highlighted. Does the air conditioning of the vehicle is running, the driver is using the vehicle to endanger the security of passengers, such as talking on his cell phone while continuing to drive, both manned and 'karakutu', ie electronic and technological controls will continue, "he said.

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