South Korea starts work for train to speed

South Korea started to work on the train going at the speed of sound: It was announced that the work was started for a train at a speed high enough to travel at the speed of sound in South Korea.

South Korea, which has superior technologies in high-speed trains and has been constructing the high-speed train infrastructure of many countries, has announced its new project which will be the new train for high-speed train.

The special high-speed trains that will be designed according to the new high-speed train project, which is expected to be implemented as a project, will go as fast as 1234km per hour or as fast as the sound. This fast train will move through a special tube and adjust the speed with the help of magnets. South Korean Railways and Hanyang University experts have begun their initial work on the fast train project, which is currently taking the first steps for construction.

Elon Musk, the CEO of companies such as Tesla and SpaceX, has previously announced that they are working on a similar project.

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