Governor Şahin, High Speed ​​Train Samsun to stand up

Governor Şahin will raise the high-speed train Samsun: Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin emphasized the importance of the high-speed train project in the Samsun Pulse program on Haberaks TV and said, 'This project will bring Samsun to its feet.'

Stating that the high-speed train project is very important for Samsun, Governor Şahin said, “Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line is currently being built. On the one hand, a high-speed train line is being built towards Mersin. Therefore, high-speed train lines from west to east and from north to south surround Anatolia. The high-speed train line that goes south from Kırıkkale goes to Sivas and Yozgat. A 280 km line must be built in the direction of the other branch, Havza, formed there. Currently, the tenders of the project are over and the construction phase is underway. I sent members of the press in Samsun to Ankara and Konya on the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Line in order to raise public opinion. When talking about this project, they said to me, 'He is dreaming'. They realized that this was not a dream. "This project is really important and a project that will bring Samsun to life," he said.

Stating that 42 percent of the Logistics Village, which is the biggest European Union project for Samsun with an investment of 42 million Euros, has been completed, Governor Şahin said, “I hope the Logistics Village will be finished at the end of 2017. The biggest deficiency to be made by us regarding this project is the railway line. "Our existing railway line should continue to the Logistic Village or a new line should be built."

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