Gokdere-Teferruc, 7.5 minutes by cable car

Gökdere-Teferrüç, 7.5 minutes by cable car: The construction of the cable car which connects the slope districts and Uludağ in the south to the city center of Bursa is started.
13 will be a construction tender for the overhead line between Gökdere Station and Teferrüç district at the beginning of the Uludağ cable car.
Following the tender process of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Bursa
Setbaşı Station (Irgandi Bridge) will be in the system together, the 420 is expected to be completed in the day.
Two-way line will be drawn on 775 pole, with 2 thousand 300 meters in one direction for one thousand 15 meters long distance by bird flight.
The 58 cabin will be deployed in the 10 cabin and the 2 passenger will be able to move an hour.
The full time, 7 minutes will last for 30 seconds.
Security measures are worth noting.
To install the system, 15 will be used directly and there will be anemometers that measure the 6 wind direction and intensity on each.
The wind measurements shall be transmitted to the monitor in the signal cables on the masts and in the control rooms. In extreme winds, the system will automatically slow down or stop.
Rescue warning system, 10 can be put into operation in minutes and can be released in 1 hours.
The project ...
It is aimed to ease the traffic burden thanks to the ease of transportation through the city to the northern districts of Yildirim.
With complementary step et
The line will be extended to Zafer Kültürparkı.

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is