R&D Engineer Training Project Certificate Ceremony Held at Esogü

Certification Ceremony for R&D Engineer Training Project was held in Esogü: Students who completed their education in the "R&D Engineer Training Project" initiated within the scope of industry cooperation with Eskişehir Osmangazi University were awarded with ceremonies.

ESOGÜ Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, TÜLOMSAŞ Inc., Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), Rail Systems Cluster Association (RSK), ESOGÜ Technology Transfer Office Application and Research Center (ETTOM), İŞKUR Eskişehir Provincial Directorate and Eskişehir Technology Development Zone (ETGB).

All stakeholders, supporting business executives and students participated in ESOGU. Dr. The ceremony was held in Suat Mirza Conference Hall with Melis Türksever, a student in the Department of Industrial Engineering, and Süleyman Can, a student in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, on behalf of all students who received a certificate. Türksever and Can stated that they had knowledge about various subjects and improved themselves and thanked everyone who contributed to the project and they wanted to make their teachers proud of their achievements in the future.

Kenan Işık, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RSK, stated that with the project, a new nail was placed in the history of Eskişehir, while the students who participated in the training would contribute to the industry of Eskişehir and our country. Kenan Işık said that they will work together to produce technology-oriented products and services with the young people who are trained.

İŞKUR Eskişehir Provincial Director Hasan Comrade said that he was proud of himself and his institution of being part of such a meaningful work. Prof. Dr. Hasan Yoldaş stated that the works that will be useful to Eskişehir will be next to him.

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