Chain traffic accident in Izmir mechanic Seyit Gök lost his life

Chain traffic accident in Izmir mechanic Seyit Gok lost his life: Bornova district of Izmir due to icing 20 vehicle involved in the accident TCDD 3. Seyit Gök, a worker mechanic in the district of Halkapınar, lost his life at the age of 26. 7 injured in the accident in the accident.

4, a passenger bus, a military vehicle, truck, van, minibus and car, was hit by a slide on the Ankara Avenue in İzmir Bornova.

In the accident, the 26 AG 708 is the car's driver TCDD 3. Seyit Gök (26), one of the region's mechanics, died at the scene and one of them was injured.

Health teams of Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital removed from the health status of the wounded were learned.

Gök's body, the crime scene after the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute morgue was removed.

Mehmet İşçen, a vehicle driver involved in the accident, said that they came from Korkuteli district of Antalya. I stepped on the brakes slowly, but the road did not stop because of icing on the road. It could have been a bigger disaster, and God protected.,

The street was closed to traffic due to the accident.

On the other hand, many accidents occurred in the city due to icing on the roads.

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