IETT Driver Disrespectful of Disabled Passengers

IETT driver disrespectful to the disabled passenger was removed from duty: A wheelchair-driven relatives on the lap of a citizen who tried to put his child on the bus, the door to the driver to open the ramp to the driver's response to the driver IETT response from both the citizens in the car and also saw a great response in the social media.

Looking at the images of a passenger inside the bus on his mobile phone camera, he asks the help of the passenger driver who cannot open the door ramp used by the disabled passengers.


Afterwards, the driver, who comes to the door, discusses with the handicapped woman passenger who wants to get on the bus and replies, 'I don't have to open this.' After the discussion between the two, the passenger in a wheelchair is taken on the bus with the help of other passengers and driver. At that moment, the driver is heard to angrily turn off the ramp and say, 'Do good to people and talk.'


The following statements were included in the statement made by IETT on the subject; “An investigation was started immediately about the Private Public Bus driver, who did not show the necessary sensitivity to our disabled passenger. Within the scope of Private Public Buses Directive, the driver was removed from office by applying the necessary criminal action. Respectfully announced to the public ”



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