Denizli Teleferikte Snow Pleasure

Denizli Teleferikte Kar Pleasure: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality last year, opened the service and the first day of the city has become one of the indispensable colors of the social life of the cable car and Bağbaşı plateau, with white in the winter season. To enjoy the magnificent beauty of Bağbaşı Plateau, Denizli is flocking to the plateau to enjoy the winter landscape and snow.

The cable car and Bağbaşı Plateau, which was put into service by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality last year, continues to fascinate its visitors with its beauty that includes different shades of nature for four seasons. Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau, which provide the opportunity to spend time in the natural environment and enriching the social life of the people of Denizli, also have a great interest of the citizens in the cold winter season. With the winter season, the white people reaching to the highland 1500 high-rise ski lifts, enjoy the magnificent winter landscape and enjoy the snow. Citizens' home, Yoruk tent, restaurant, picnic area, such as facilities for citizens who benefit from them, while enjoying the snow on the one hand, while on the other hand a different day away from the stall of the city is enjoying the pleasure of spending. In the resort where the children enjoy as much of the snow as they are, the sled is lost and the snowball is playing.

“Great service“

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau to the city kazanStating that it is one of the biggest projects they have undertaken, he said that the facility brings a new breath to Denizli in terms of alternative tourism. Emphasizing that Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau is the center of attraction not only for Denizli but also for the region, Mayor Zolan said, “Our citizens, who are overwhelmed by the heat in summer and want to see snow in winter, flock here. While there is no snow in the center of Denizli, our visitors enjoy the snow on the plateau. It is in great demand with its unique view of the winter season, falling snow and clean air. I invite our citizens who want to witness this magnificent beauty to our Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau.

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