Solution Suggestions from the Democrat Party for Eskişehir People's Tramway

Democrat Party's Eskişehir People's Solution Suggestions for Tramway: Democrat Party Eskişehir Provincial Head Attorney Nazım Dölekçekiç stated that the biggest problem of the city is transportation, and that a solution should be found for the density and suffering, especially in trams.

Dölekçekiç drew attention to the problems experienced in the trams due to their low number. Explaining that it is necessary to get rid of the crowd of trams, which are among the traffic problems, and the fact that the passengers go inside the fish stack, Nazım Dölekçekiç said, “I think this is because there are few trams and the streets that the trams take are not well planned. For example, SSK tram is always full, fish stacks are going on and all trams pass through Köprübaşı. They are waiting for each other at the stops. When someone enters the station, the second or even the third tram is waiting behind the other. It comes from the crowd, ”he said.

“Expeditions should be increased during school and work arrival and departure hours”

Stating that the number of trams should be increased during the commute hours of work and school, Dölekçekiç said, “After SSK, the trams that go to Çamlıca or Batıkent go empty and come empty. But suddenly passengers get on from SSK, and they go as much as the bus station. While the city's tram lines were being extended, this should be planned well. For example, the trams coming by 71 Evler, Emek are still very high in the morning and evening hours of school hours and business hours in terms of the number of passengers. I think it would be useful to change their hours or to put more trams during those peak hours. Also, as a traffic problem, it is necessary to prevent the tram's intersection with vehicle traffic by installing an overhead line at important junctions in several places or by taking it underground. There is also a project and its name is mentioned and it is not realized. North Ring Road and South Ring Road. I hope that the city traffic will be partially relieved if this is done too. ”

“It will not be possible to solve this problem day by day”

Democrat Party Eskişehir Provincial Chairman Lawyer Nazım Dölekçekiç, drawing attention to the increasing problem day by day, continued as follows:

“If these are not done, our job is very difficult as Eskişehir citizens. There will be a time when it will not be possible to solve it. We only know the problem. We can show solutions. The tram can be taken overhead or underground at major junctions. There may be an increase in the number of tram services and tram. When planning, the extended lines should be well planned. The fact that all tram services pass through Köprübaşı hits the traffic very much. I believe that if these are corrected, traffic will relax.

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