Izmir trolley lines continue to mobilize

Izmir trams continue its mobilization in the tram lines: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality accelerated the work of Konak and Karşıyaka tram with the entrance of the schools for the semester break. Within a week, excavations between Lausanne Square and Alsancak Hocazade Mosque were completed and rails were laid. Next there is the section between Lausanne and Montreux squares.

Konak and Karşıyaka trams, which are among the important projects of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality which will bring a new breath to the city transportation, are under construction. While Mavişehir lanmaBostanlı test drive continues, the works at the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard in the Konak line reached completion.

In the period when the traffic was reduced and the school started at three points, significant progress was made. Within the scope of the Konak Tramway, the railway laying stage started in the works that started in the section between Şair Eşref Boulevard and Lausanne Square and Alsancak Hocazade Mosque. Lozan Square and Alsancak Hocazade Mosque in the direction of the excavations on Friday, January 27 team, this week began laying the rail work. Teams working on this line even at high speeds will begin laying line laying in the opposite lane on the same route after rail laying and asphalt works. During the works, all kinds of traffic routing, citizens and tradesmen were informed by distributed brochures. The studies carried out in two stages in the 460 meter section will be completed in two months. Right after that, the line flooring will continue between Lausanne Square and Montreux Square.

Asphalt work on M.Kemal Beach Boulevard
Asphalt paving works have begun since the beginning of 16 January on the part of Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard where Konak Tramway passes and on the part of Şehit Binbasi Ali between Tufan Street and 21 Street. In order to bring the road body to the project level, excavations in this area were carried out in places 30-40 centimeters. The work that was planned to be completed within the 15 day was first initiated by the land and finished in the first week. The studies on the sea side will start tomorrow (31 January Tuesday) and both stages will be completed in 15 days as planned. During sea-side operations, transportation will be transferred to the land side.

Finishing touches in Karşıyaka Tramway
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, on the tramway route of Karsiyaka, Hasan Ali Yucel Bulvari, Ahmed Adnan Saygun Park (land side) in front of the single line passing the tram line, to the middle refill 1. 21 started in January. Within the scope of the works to be carried out for the 15 days, after the entry of Hasan Ali Yücel Boulevard, Cemal Gürsel Street, the road body was displaced and a temporary traffic arrangement was made. 1 up to medium refill by land. The production of the part has been completed. 1 February second production will start on February.

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