President Sekmen evaluates 2016 year

The chairman reviewed the year of 2016: Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen talked about the investments and projects of Metropolitan Municipality in 2016 at a press conference. At the meeting held at the hotel Snowdor, President of the tab, the investment budget was to evaluate the use of Turkey in a year, which is the first of the big cities. . Erzurum General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration has carried out important works in the lower and superstructure of our city with 874 personnel and 155 vehicles. 35 thousand 40 subscribers were served last year with a total investment of 185 million, with about 45 million districts. 52 million 554 million 242 cubic meters of water was used in the city center of Erzurum.

558 thousand 788 meters water network line and 216 thousand 737 meters channel network line construction took place throughout the province. 2016 31 305 water and channel failure interfered. A total of 36 projects were implemented with the exception of 274 units for the lower and superstructure, and by the personnel of the General Directorate of 310 by tender. 95 of these investments has been completed. Söz


Chairman Sekmen, Palandoken Ejder3200 World Ski Center and Konaklı told about the investments in the Ski Center. Sekmen continued his words as follows: büyük Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality has prepared Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Centers, which they have taken over from the Privatization Administration, in the 60 60 day with the big project. After taking over from the Privatization Administration, we made important studies in the lower and upper structures in a short time such as 2 months. 500 open parking lot for cars, public cafeterias and globe restaurants, WC in walks and squares, mosques in historical architecture were built and hot and cold beverage stations were established in Palandöken. In the ski center where even some runways have been closed for the last 3 years, we have built up the 19 mileage fiber infrastructure. In a short period of two months, priority was given to the elimination of deficiencies in the infrastructure. Firstly, the melting snow and rain water runways were overhauled and evacuation channels were created and germinated in order to avoid the same problem. When installing WCs near the runways, the needed mosques, tea and tea stations were created. All of these facilities, including gondolas and lifts, were all maintained and maintained. Security points on the tracks were reconsidered and the locations of the barriers with snow were determined. In addition to the protection barriers on the tracks, a search and evacuation action plan has been prepared in Palandöken which is under 100 / 7 observation with more than 24 cameras. The magnificent entrance gate, built by a ski center in which the search and rescue team, consisting of an experienced team, was established, received great acclaim. Eli


President Sekmen listed the investments made in ski resorts as follows: nok 500 open car park for vehicles, private ring vehicle for transportation between car parks and runways, public cafeterias and globe restaurants, WC in runways and squares, small mosques in historical architecture at two different points of the mountain were built, / cold beverage stations were established, three different points of the mountain, sausage buffets were established, the water retention problem of the pond was solved. Skipass ticket control system was established. 3 mileage fiber infrastructure installation is complete. Artificial snowing system started. The whole mountain was secured with a camera system. Maintenance of the machine equipment is completed. Search and rescue action plan was done. Search and rescue team established. Ski rental center was established. Establishment of advisory offices. The dismantling of the idle cable car system in Ejder has been completed. At different points, the squares and event areas where the citizen can have fun were created. The problems of the infrastructure and water channel of the tracks were solved. Maintenance and repair of gondola stations is completed. Palandöken was a magnificent entrance gate. The Snowdora Hotel has been redesigned. There was a winter garden. Glass fauna cafes were made. In 27 runway lighting will be done. The tracks will be germinated to make them more comfortable. Funpark will be set up for four seasons entertainment. A new ropeway to the dragons and valley tracks. 19 indoor underground car park will be built. Cak


Mayor Mehmet Sekmen explained the works of Büyükşehir's White Table Unit as follows: imi One-to-one meeting was held with 2016 bin 220 in 660 at the White Table Unit of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Press and Public Relations Department. 12 thousand 352 petitions to Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality in one year. BIMER and www.erzurum.bel.t is The 1613 application was reviewed and finalized. 2601 of 2421 request from White Desk Disabled Unit has been finalized. The request of 7967 for the private sector from the 1832 business demand that came to the White Table Career Center was evaluated. 7102, which is used by our institution and which is included in the electronic system, was initiated and requested to be sent to the related units. The problems were solved by evaluating the total 3269 email sent by our citizens on the web page. Within the scope of the project carried out by the Press and Public Relations Department White Desk Unit, the teams of Büyükşehir reaching the 4 family every month in 2000 plant a sapling in the soil for each baby who opens his eyes to the world. Within the scope of the project, a certificate is given to the mothers with a baby set and a certificate of a sapling planted in a sapling tree.


Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen stated that 407 thousand 650 tons of asphalt pavements were built in the province and district centers in one year. Sekmen, said: bin 136 thousand 113 tons plent mix base (PMT) paving and 271 bin 537 tone asphalt pavement, 69 bin 443 square cobblestone, 199 bin 715 square cube, 12 bin 54 square locked cobblestone, 62 bin 831 square meter andesite coating, 15 bin 929 meter curb, 5 bin 297 meter concrete waterproofing line, 17 bin 230 meter wastewater line, 13 bin 19 meter drinking water line, 264 bin 4 meter drinking water line, 948 meter venting and XNUMX meter XNUMX meter retaining wall construction was carried out. The façade designs of the 434 building were renewed by the Directorate of Science Affairs in the city center and districts within the framework of the Facade and Street Rehabilitation (Prestige Street Project) works. 25 thousand 157 square facade paint, 8 bin 12 square roof repair and renovation, 8 bin 789 square meter repair plaster, 1174 square balcony, 232 nameplate, 176 symbol and motif, 10 bin 173 meter floor wiper, 10 bin 60 meter moldings, 638 pieces of windows, 484 pieces of doors and 545 pieces were realized in the shop display case construction. 120 electric field distribution box renewal in city center and districts, 32 Türk Telekom field distribution box, 11 pieces Türksat Cable TV box displacement, 388 pieces lighting pole, 358 pieces LED luminaire, 8 junction lighting pole, 178 piece tree and green area lighting, 331 pieces of decorative LED ornament lighting, 8 pcs mahya, 8 pieces underpass, 2 pcs overpass lighting manufacturing were made., Mayor Sekmen stated that he is also focusing on the energy activities of Büyükşehir and said, X The human health and safety in the streets and streets of our city and 5 units, which had a negative effect on vehicle traffic, were discharged by replacing the old and voluminous transformer kiosks with a modular system transformer mansion. In the works carried out in coordination with Aras EDAŞ, new power transmission poles were installed in the subways of Yıldızkent, Kayakyolu, Yunus Emre, Adnan Menderes and Solakzade districts of Palandöken district. Also, in coordination with Aras EDAŞ, Northern Middle Road, Pasinler Road (E-80), Tortum Road and Horasan Ring Road middle refinites were clarified Ayrıca. About a million flowers in a year met with the soil indicating Sekmen, N Department of Science by the Department of the city center and district 153 thousand meters of water line construction, 252 thousand square meters of lawn planting and 130 thousand square meters of ready-made roll grass was made. 2016 thousand 14 trees, 319 thousand seasonal flowers, 500 thousand tulip bulbs and 450 thousand roses were introduced in 13. 5 children's playground, 65 was built on a thousand meter panel fence assembly and 6 park, garden, promenade and recreation area. Sekmen evaluated the work in the countryside as follows: di 589,6 mileage stabilized road was built in one year. We did the 592,5 mileage coating. 165 kilometer bituminous hot mix asphalt pavement was done in the countryside. Maintenance and repair of the 459 kilometer.


Mayor Mehmet Sekmen emphasized that the Metropolitan Municipality is also at the top of communication. . Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality became the leader in its region with the communication network it established throughout the province. The Call Center, established to solve the problems, demands and problems of the citizens and to ensure high satisfaction in communication, provides an instant solution to the problems of the citizens. The 7 / 24 Call Center, which operates on the basis of 2016, again broke a record in 12. Call Center 132 answered 707 bin 444 call per month. Metropolitan Municipality, 16 25 185 Call Center and Alo 153 OLD, Alo 188 Municipal Police, Alo 370 Funeral Services phones answered the average daily 2016 call. 132 707 97 856 2016 60 871 2016 87 291 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX In the XNUMX year, total XNUMX thousand XNUMX people benefited from free internet access offered to citizens in the city center. Our citizens have benefited from the free WIFI service launched at the Poolside City Square, Erzurum Bus Terminal, Erzurum Airport, Atatürk University Youth Activation Center and Metropolitan Municipality's public transportation vehicles. Kent


Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen summarized the environmental activities carried out in the city as follows: X Within the scope of the fight against air pollution, 111 boiler room and 17 chimney have been checked. In addition, 128 distribution brochure was distributed. Air quality assessment report studies We started a joint study with Istanbul Technical University. Within the scope of the fight against noise pollution, noise maps are completed and Action Plan is prepared. Construction of the packaging waste sorting plant continues. The rehabilitation of the wild storage area continues. 169 environmental pollution was interrupted during 531 inspection. Street washing was carried out in the area of ​​598 million 2 thousand 220 square meters. 538 kilometers main artery, 100 3 2 street and 350 street in the main street cleaning work carried out every day in a customary way. Under the construction of underground garbage containers, 49 underground garbage container was installed in the city center. Veterinary Affairs and Slaughterhouse Branches teams treated the 44 animal in 1 years. 3161 notice evaluated. In the city center and districts, 1954 head was taken under protection. In the city center 2743 bin 210 acres were treated. 400 thousand 48 acres were taken in the districts. A total of 395 thousand 27 square meters were treated in the closed area. Within the scope of Fixed Modular Slaughterhouse Installation project in districts, the installation of 900 units in Olur, Tortum, Hınıs, İspir and 1 units in Şenkaya (Headquarters and Akşar) continues. Within the scope of training activities in the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, “Project like Honey“ 2 was given beekeeping training and certificate. Rough construction of licensed livestock markets in the districts of Oltu and Hınıs was completed in the construction of 6 pcs livestock markets. Machine equipment installation is in progress. The construction of Pasinler Livestock Market continues. Köprüköy Live Animal Market construction is completed. Within the scope of Support Training Project, 850 support and training project was realized. Evaluation meetings are held with our farmers and related organizations on dairy and livestock breeding. Total 4 Plaster (Kurun) was distributed during 30 year in our province in order to improve animal husbandry and increase efficiency. Infrastructure and construction works are going on in our city center stables transportation. 2016 pieces on the area of ​​the 1581 pieces Hobby Garden project work continues. Our 50 primary and secondary school students have been trained to provide oral and dental health education at 374 elementary school.


Sekmen, metropolises of every moment of life, said that the citizens. The tab, said: "If the location of the sample province of expression in Turkey within the scope of cemetery services. For each season, we planted a sapling to reach the end of our forest. In the 2000 tree planting completed area, trees were planted for the 15 July Martyrs. There are 35 camellia, children's playground and masjid in the area. 24 hours are read continuously in two places in the Holy Quran in Turkey. One is Istanbul and the other one is Erzurum. We made the Koran Chairs in Asri and Abdurrahman Gazi Cemeteries in Erzurum. Here the QNUMX clock is read in the Quran live. Every day 24 hours of hatim are being read all year round. We carried out important works in social projects. 24 family who are not in good financial condition have converted the bread card that is given in the first week of each month to digital bread card and we have ensured that our people get bread from pos devices in 1720 point buffets. We provide monthly 22 thousand 213 bread to our citizens who are deprived of financial situation. Last year the 570 TL shopping card was issued to the family in need of 5000. 100 We provided 6692 TL Social Assistance Support to the university student in four months. This corresponds to a total of 200 million 800 thousand 5 liras. We created the automation of Social Affairs Branch Office. The total family of 353 600 files was recorded in automation. 2 bin 553 has been registered. With the No Bazaar, we were the light of hope for our citizens. 12 Syrian family in 226 2016 pieces, 45 bed sheets and sheets, 45 pieces of blankets were given. 164 The family was given clothing. The 171 family received various household goods. 1575 146 students were dressed in our 31 school. X


President of the tab, Erzurum implemented in the model of urban transformation, he added a brand and exemplary in Turkey. President Sekmen continued his words as follows:: The urban transformation study is continuing in the 22 region in the 7 region in the boundaries of Erzurum province. Gölbaşı, Veyis Efendi, Rabia Ana, Çırçır, Hasan-i Basri, Martyrs and Veterans Neighborhoods and the work of urban transformation are continuing in the Old Fire House. For the Risky Area Project in the Yakutiye District Dağ District, the Metropolitan Municipality has made reconciliation negotiations with the beneficiaries in the short-term 4 project in the hak Risky Area Project leri in the Dağ Neighborhood. Within the scope of the aforementioned project, rent aids have been initiated and demolition processes have been carried out in risky structures that present danger. In accordance with the agreement reports, the land registry has started in the name of our municipality. The property owners of the immovable properties of the immovable properties in the Hasan-i Basri and Emirşeyh neighborhoods, which were declared as an urban regeneration area by the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum, were handed over to the right holders. Yildizkent Citizen TOKI housing sales through the tender way, but not deposited due to non-payable deeds were not given the debts of the houses were transferred to the owners of 16 units were transferred. 82 housing problems were solved, title deeds were transferred. The foreclosures of various public institutions in the Üçküme Evler district of Palandöken District were abolished. In addition, the mortgages of 75 land were removed in accordance with the demands of the citizens. The deeds of the cooperatives in the town of Aziziye were taken in the name of the cooperative. The measurements and determinations of the places in the urban transformation of the Çırçır and Vani Efendi neighborhoods of the Yakutiye district were made and their files were prepared. The expropriation process will be initiated here. As the Metropolitan Municipality, the total amount of 3 million 225 thousand square meters of immovable property has been allocated from the General Directorate of National Real Estate and District Municipalities. The current map construction was completed with the 1 / 5000 Scale Master Plan Plan of the Pazaryolu District and the 1 / 1000 Scale Addition and Revision Implementation Plan and Zoning Plan for Geological-Geotechnical Survey Report. Detailed Geological-Geotechnical Survey Report, 3. Degree Earthquake Region will lead to the construction of our district. The construction of the 9 / 1 Scale Master Plan and 5000 / 1 Scale Addition and Revision Implementation Plan for the 1000 neighborhood of Tortum district and Tortum district and the Geological and Geotechnical Survey Report for the zoning plan were completed and the maps of the 3 neighborhood were completed. Planning work for Mahrukatçılar Sitesi, Oto Galericiler Sitesi and Open Auto Market Project was started. With the completion of the projects in question, the existing Mahrukatçılar Sitesi, which does not comply with the principles and principles of urbanism, will be moved to the Northern Ring Road within the boundaries of Çayırtepe Neighborhood, and a healthier environment will be created for our people and our tradesmen. In the Köprüköy district, map construction with 1 / 5000 scale master plan, 1 / 1000 scale implementation plan and geological geotechnical survey report started. Tortum located within the boundaries of the Tortumkale neighborhood and Oltu district or within the boundaries of small Orcuk industrial area construction works are ongoing.

Construction of the Conservation Development Plan in 96 hectares in Erzurum Center was completed. The relevant plans were approved by the Regional Council for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Construction works for the Tortum Lake Conservation Plan were completed and the related plans were approved by the Department of Environment and Urbanization. Culture Road Project 1 in Yakutiye. Architectural design and engineering application projects of Etap Bat Market Stores have been completed. These projects are in the approval phase. Construction works of 3 registered buildings in 9.etap area are under construction. Pazaryolu District Central District Martyrs' Road, road and prestige street was completed. Erzurum Kale and Surrounding Urban Design Projects of 40 area Construction work is in the tender stage. Erzurum


President Mehmet Sekmen, 2016'da quality management documents and certificates were taken, he added. . ISO 9001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, ISO 10002 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM documents are successfully passed in 2016 year and certificates continue until 2018. In addition, our company has added a new one to these certifications; OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety Management System certificate has been obtained as a result of successful work. Budget preparation training for our employees, Netket training, AMP software and progress payment training, Occupational safety trainings, First aid trainings, Duties and powers of Municipal Police, Preparation of specifications, contract preparation, legislation training, OSKA progress payment training, For İŞKUR staff; training in entrepreneurship, communication education and professional ethics. The mobile health screening tool of the Occupational Health and Safety Unit, which is affiliated to the Training Department, conducted an ECG-blood test-X-ray and general health screening for all personnel. Citizen satisfaction survey was held. X In his speech, describing the work of the Department of Fire Brigade Sekmen,, Domes fires, vehicle fire, workplace fire, roof fire, grass fires, chimney fires, electricity, transformer fire, forest and garden fire, including 1 annually 5 thousand 539 fire interfered. Fire brigade and underwater search and rescue team was established within the Fire Department ün.


Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen continued his speech by touching upon the social and cultural activities: değin We have realized many social and cultural activities in 2016. We have prepared social and cultural programs for our people with concert, music and theater performances and commemorative programs. With the Academy of Authors, we made the discovery of young writers in the city. Many cultural and artistic events, including Kutlu Birth Activities, Erzurum Book Fair, Kut'ul Amare Program, lovers' feast, revival of Istanbul's conquest, Ramadan events, Youth Fair, 15 July National Struggle Martyrs, were organized. Erzurum Art and Vocational Training Courses (ESMEK), which add color to the economic, social and cultural life of our city, have reached a position that has completed the formal education and guided the employment of the city. We offer modern, high quality and added value education opportunities to our city with this social texture project which has many features such as raising personal accumulation, gaining profession, becoming an active producer and earning income. 2016 50 750 thousand trainees were trained in 11 in XNUMX in the city center and districts. Accounting, informatics, disabled care, child development, carpet, operator, hairdressing, forensic follow-up branch branches, foreign languages, art and hand skills, such as courses thanks to many areas of the sector are training staff. Çocuk


Mayor Mehmet Sekmen stated that the Metropolitan discovered his own resources. . 2016 thousand 2 machines, 139 bin 4 trucks, buses and automobile group vehicles were repaired and repaired by 206 bin 6 vehicles in 345. 127 units were completely painted. 167 handicapped vehicle repair was performed. 1562 school, center and village mosques, electrical, welding and carpenter works of various parts of the city were repaired and repaired. Our Head of the Mukhtar Affairs Department made the following works at 2016. Drinking water, sewerage, road construction, asphalt construction, road maintenance, pond construction, irrigation water channel construction, snow struggle, bridge and culvert construction, mosque, Quran course, imam house, condolence house, multipurpose village in 2016 received total 534 demand, such as cultural house, public wc, land and plateau road construction, demand for plasters, school construction and repairs, cemetery walls, in-village keystone, underwater water pipe and mosque, condolence house, village signs, fire valves, etc. . 102 job request has been finalized. Meanwhile in the province and December in the month of December, a total of 158 muhtar one-on-one interviews were heard. Directorate of Municipal Police, 5216 No. 7. In the areas where the Metropolitan Municipality is authorized or operated by the (K) clause, the municipal police services were carried out on the basis of 7 / 24. 444 requests, requests and complaints received from our citizens on 16 25 153 and ALO 2833 phones were evaluated immediately. A solution-oriented work system was implemented by intervening in matters of licensing, beggar complaint, image and noise pollution, buffet demand, sidewalk occupation, peddlers, place permit, request request, road occupation, air pollution, damage to public property and fight against snow. 13 5 handles 323 negativity in the 100 service arm. Traffic Police Branch Office was established by providing service and vehicle and pedestrian traffic was organized. The order has been provided in the Hurdaçılar Site and Truck and Transporters Sites, and the activities of these occupational groups have been carried out within the framework of the relevant legislation. Also; In order to provide more efficient and efficient service to our citizens with the high quality standards of our municipal police, the stone building with historical texture was restored and allocated to the Municipal Police Department. z


Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen summed up the activities carried out in the transportation services as follows: gerçekleştiril A total of 1020 vehicles were given a commercial vehicle license in one year. 23 vehicle route permit, 212 vehicle commercial vehicle allocation document and 25 vehicle was given passport permission. 30 ton double-component road marking was done in Erzurum Center. In the districts, a cold road marking study was carried out corresponding to 142 kilometers of 19 thousand 880 square meters. In the schools located in the center of Erzurum, 6 tons of road marking works and border painting works were carried out. Poolside, Yakutiye, Industry 1. and 2. Intersections have been renewed. Dadaşkent Security and Emirýhh junctions, Atatürk Bulvarı Military Hospital and FSM intersections, Yunus Emre Özyunus Junction, Palandöken Municipality Junction and Yıldızkent Selimiye Junction were equipped with a new signaling system. 30 junction was repaired and repaired. The new 1374 signpost has been installed. 3888 dubbing was made at 840 pieces based pontoon. 40 buses were included. CNG Natural Gas Conversion Station opened. Station Administration Center opened. Satellite Tracking Center opened. Heated and Smart Stops (10) New Line and Route works were created. Palandöken Ejder3200 World Ski Center and Konaklı Ski Center has been established with a special transportation line. Metal pauses (83 Pcs) were established for the villages converted to towns and districts. Durak Washing and Cleaning Team Tool was created. Lost Property Office was established.


Mayor Sekmen stated that Erzurum is a professional city in sports and international organizations. Sekmen made the following assessment on the subject: “In 2016, 53 national and 18 international sports organizations were signed. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its activities in every branch of sports in Erzurum with organizations in Wrestling, Athletics, Karate, Tennis, Basketball and other branches, which are organized every year, helps summer and winter sports schools, amateur sports clubs, sports science faculty, military high school and sports high schools. courses, skiing and ice skating projects where we bring students from villages, is approaching its goal of becoming a sports city step by step with many special projects. The construction of Wrestling Arena with a capacity of 4.000 spectators, 6 Outdoor and 3 Indoor Tennis Courts, 2 Semi-Olympic Swimming Pools and 2 Sports Halls continues.

2 pieces of outdoor basketball and 1 pieces of outdoor volleyball fields, traffic training track, 4 pieces of fitness hall, 2 pieces wrestling training field as well as Erzurum's climatic features and high altitude because of the FIFA standards 11 football field with the 1. Stage and 2. Stage High Altitude Camp Center was added to Turkish sports. 17 branch in the Summer Sports Schools 5 thousand people, football, swimming, volleyball, basketball, tennis, canoe, ice skating, curling, gymnastics, cycling, karate, kick boxing, table tennis, archery, bocce, ice hockey, checkers and chess branches in the universal spirit of sport. At the Winter Sports Schools, our 5 students were trained in skating and skiing. International Golden Belt Karakucak Wrestling came to our city from home and abroad. International Palandoken Karate Tournament, International Half Marathon, Metropolitan Municipality Javelin League and Speed ​​Skating Federation Cup in our city have signed important sporting organizations. High Altitude Camp Center located at the altitude of 1000 at the foothills of Palandöken Mountain, which is brought to Turkish football by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality serves to many domestic and foreign football team. The Camp Center, which is intended to be one of the most important centers in the world especially in summer camps, consists of 1800 stages. 2. 1 FIFA standard football field within the stage, 5. 2 pieces FIFA standards football field in the stage, 6 pieces station working area, 5 pieces goalkeeper training and shooting work area, modern changing rooms, doctor room, referee room, coach room, massage room, shock pool, cafeteria, administrative building, meeting rooms and separate parking for each site. In addition, with the professional grass team, the ground floor is specially prepared.

In addition to domestic and foreign football teams as Turkey Football Federation Pro License UEFA B License Course with UEFA License Courses, as well as boys and girls Football Villages Project Installations hosts also, in Palandöken Mountain foothills, it serves its guests in 1800 altitude. Especially in May, June, July, August and September, with the cool air, fog, without rainfall, the high altitude sports complex, which allows the teams to camp comfortably, 15 minutes to the airport, 2 minutes to hotels in Palandöken Mountain, 5 is located in the city center in minutes.

Erzurum, known for its unique ski facilities in terms of winter tourism, attracts attention as the most important location of our country for summer tourism and camp center activities. Olarak President Sekmen visited the Palandöken Ejder3200 World Ski Center with the journalists after the meeting and told the investors about the investments.

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