Parked his car on the tram way in Bursa, the police see what message threw

Bursa parked his car on the tram way, see what the police threw message: In Bursa, the traffic police, the driver of the car parked on the tram, called the driver, after a while the driver who says "I can not speak Namazdayım" message came.

The first morning of the 2017 Ulucami is full. Thousands of hands, with one heart as a result of increasing terror, were turned to the sky with the first lights of the morning. When the interest in Ulucami, which is one of the most important mosques in the Islamic world, was so large, there were meters of vehicles that were parked on Atatürk Street where the mosque was located. Some citizens parked their cars on the tramway and went to the mosque. For this reason, morning traffic on the street has become inextricable. Police teams warned the owners of car parked on their mobile phones to remove their vehicles from where they were.

Dialogue on a car parked on the rail between a citizen who entered the mosque and a traffic police dialogue witnesses smiled. Parked on the rails of the Silkworm's route to the mosque to call a citizen on his cell phone, the police officer, the citizens could not reach the phone constantly. After a period of persistent search by the police from the citizen "Namazdayım I can not speak" message came. For half an hour waiting for the road to open the Silkworm and the citizens, the citizens continued to drive their way after pulling the vehicle.

The citizen's response to the police officer apologized and left the scene.

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