Rise in ropeway prices in Bursa

Ropeway prices in Bursa came up: The preferred ropeway prices for the easy and convenient exit of Uludağ were increased. One-way price on the cable car went from 25 to 30, while the return to Uludağ was increased from 35 to 38.

One-way departures from 25 TL to 30 TL and the round trip has been increased from 35 TL to 38 TL. Student prices went from one 15 TL to 20 TL and the return from 25 to 27 TL. 65 15 TL'dan 20 TL 27 prices for passengers above the departure, while the return 6 TL was. Children up to the age of XNUMX are transported free of charge.

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