BTS Says No-Level Crossing Accidents at Murder

BTS says there is no level crossing to murdered transit crossing: Raybüsü, Eskişehir-Afyon voyage 72406 expedition, trainee Emre Okyay and the commanders of Abdulhalim Kara with the commanders of the command collided with loaded trench.

In the crash, where a train car ran off the track because of the collision, and the line was closed for 3 hours, the truck driver died at the scene, while the 15 was wounded with three trainees.

We wish the condolence to the family and relatives of the truck driver who lost his life in the accident and get passed on to all the wounded citizens together with our mechanic friend.

In the recent years, the gradual increase in level crossing accidents, despite all our warnings, continues with the negligence, indifference and irresponsibility of those concerned.

In this process, where the practices were quickly implemented within the scope of the liquidation of TCDD under the name of the restructuring of TCDD, this process caused an accident in 160.

As soon as possible, the crossroads should be removed and the road intersections should be turned into the lower overpass.

There must be guard-controlled, barrier crossings at level crossings where crossing is mandatory. And employers of personnel should be employed instead of employing personnel through subcontracting as part of the privatization work. Existing subcontractor workers should be staffed as staff members as soon as possible.

Together with the TCDD privatization efforts, 160 has set up a new system of safety management system (EYS) which is not expert and doesn't know enough about the job. After the establishment of such a system, accidents were expected to decrease but increased. TCDD has paved the way for an unsecured business with this system.

In today's legislation, General Directorate of TCDD, Municipalities, General Directorate of Highways, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication is responsible for level crossings. This leads to irresponsibility in the way that responsibility is so distributed. Level crossings that are responsible for public institutions, aside from the discussion of the blame that has been turned into a murder should be prevented as soon as possible.

In order to prevent level crossing accidents, we call upon all the relevant institutions, especially TCDD, to take the measures that we have repeatedly stated.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 15:40

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