BTS, Transportation Den. and Hab. Look. and TCDD

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BTS, Transportation Den. and Hab. Look. and TCDD: United Transport Workers Union (BTS). and Hab. Look. and TCDD Talks!

The members of the United Transport Workers Union Central Executive Committee met with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Orhan Birdal on 17.01.2017.

United Transport Workers Union President Uğur YAMAN, Secretary General İshak KOCABIYIK and General Organization and Education Secretary Bülent ÇUHADAR and Press Release Secretary Bekir TAŞTAN, who were dismissed from their posts with the participation of the Press Release Secretary Bekir TAŞTAN, gave a concrete justification and announced the dismissal requested.

On the same day, members of the United Transport Workers Union Central Executive Committee met with TCDD General Director Isa APAYDIN.

During the interview; A report on the workplace and personnel problems experienced in the workplaces of the General Directorate of TCDD was submitted and a solution was requested for the problems mentioned.

In addition, after the meeting with the General Director of TCDD Mr. Isai APAYDIN, Mr. Halim ÖZGÜMÜŞ, Head of TCDD Capacity Management Department on the closure of Alsancak Gar, expressed their views on the opening of the Gar. During the meeting, it was stated that the matter would be examined urgently, our proposal could be evaluated in the process and the necessary steps would be taken.

Report on Workplace and Personnel Issues submitted by the United Transport Workers Union to the meeting held with TCDD General Manager Mr. Isa APAYDIN ​​on 17.01.2017

1-Assignments and Transports:

From past to present about the appointments and appointments made in the institution, the disturbances experienced by our union and employees are expressed in various interviews. One of the main reasons for this is non-merit assignments and appointments, and another reason is that the members of the Officer Sen (UÇMS) take positions such as a parallel TCDD manager in these appointments and appointments, and keep a dish on unqualified appointments and appointments.

In newly established apartments and services, the managers, especially the employees, should be abandoned and the ones who are worthy of their unions should be assigned to the related duties.

2-Restructuring Applications:

In the context of TCDD restructuring practices, Road Department and Facilities Department are combined under the name of kapsamında Railway Maintenance Department T. In fact, this means that the Facilities Office is dissolved in the Department of Road Administration.

The unification of the 2 separate technical circle (Roads and Facilities), which is not related to each other, is a dangerous situation in terms of railway technology, work peace and security.

In the appointments related to these flats, road-based personnel are assigned to the newly established Railway Maintenance Department, while in the Regions, road-based personnel are appointed as the ”manager la to the head of this Directorate and the sub-directorates with the former name of the Directorate appointments are made in the form of the organization as well as the personnel of Road Department.

As a result, with the new application, the old facilities organization and workplaces will start to manage road-based personnel, which will disrupt work peace and will cause job security violations.

The most tragic side of these assignment processes is 1. It is the appointment of Mümin Karasu who is not ”TECHNICAL“ to “principal“ of the'n manager'n of the Railway Maintenance Department, which was experienced within the Directorate of the Regional Directorate. (In order to be assigned to the Service Manager (Road) staff under special conditions to be appointed as a result of the promotion examination in the post, the Faculty of Engineering is required to graduate from the Departments of Construction, Map.)

From this process, not only the staff of the origin, but also the staff of road origin are very uncomfortable. This situation; There is a general discomfort in this situation, since peace in the workplaces means the emergence of fights, serious technical problems and ultimately the occurrence of big events.

In this context; 480 has been annulled by the court. Therefore, these rules-based transactions do not exist.

All employees affected by this application should be provided with a refund by the court decision and all applications arising from the change of this change should be canceled. This change should be made according to the employees' own wishes.

The need for reorganization of 480 should be re-discussed with a commission that will be part of our union.

Service Controllers have a great role in fulfilling the duties of auditing and investigation in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. In addition, when the auditors are not subject to loss of rights, the difficulty in finding a suitable job title for their equipment and the requirements of the service is taken into consideration, the provisional article is added to the Regulation on the Increase of Position and Title Change de. as sağlan, it is necessary to prevent possible loss of service of the Service Controllers and to ensure that the transaction has been established in accordance with the service requirements.

There is a serious D lawyer ve shortage in General Directorate of Transport and TCDD. There are a small number of staff working in other titles. Since the personnel who has completed their internship in the institution for many years know the structure of the institution very well and has a command of the events, there is a public interest in their appointment as an Attorney. In addition, service requirements make this necessary.

For these reasons, the provisional article has been added to the Regulation on Promotion and Title Change. “Avukat Civil servants who have completed their law internship at the date of the entry into force of the provisional article have been appointed as“ Lawyers tarih without any action as a Bu erek

Many staff are carried out with temporary duties in our institution. This situation causes the victimization of real rights holders while the power of attorney is made to many employees who do not carry the principal duty.

For vacant titles, a position change and title change exams must be opened as soon as possible.

With the beginning of the training period, the need for transportation of many employees has arisen. Electronic transmissions should therefore be opened as soon as possible. Conducting such transfers shall provide equality between employees.

4.Alsancak Station closure

Alsancak Gar, which is open to operation without interruption since 1856, has been closed without any valid and logical reasons and all trains were directed to Basmane Gar. In the background of this application, we think that Alsancak Gar will be idled and hale otherwise anc will be evaluated instead of train operation. For; Aside from relieving the navigation of the application, it is obvious that it will bring new and more serious problems. Within the week, BTS and Turkish Transportation Sen Izmir branches made a press conference and shared their opinions with the public. This practice is abandoned and it is very important for our institution to open the historical Alsancak Gar to the train operation again.


Due to the non-functioning of the deposit box, the funds cut to this chest should be repaid as soon as possible.

Working Conditions of 6.Traffic Controllers

The 08.09.2016 date and 74424041-401.01-E.473345 and 20.09.2016 date and 67609436-010.07.01 (010.07.01) / - E.479016 have made various changes to the operating conditions related to the Traffic Controllers at the Traffic Control Centers.

These orders concerning the amendments emir 4857 labor law, 6331 Occupational Health and Safety Law and National Occupational Standard 12UMS0234-6 18.07.2012 traffic controller occupational standard söz is contrary to the standard.

In the changes, seizure charts with 4-5 and 6 have been created and the working times have been extended by continuous 8-9 hours and the possibility of events that endangers traffic safety has become inevitable. In particular, as the 4 and 5 seizure charts show, there are no weekly rest days for the personnel working in these shifts.

With the extension of the working hours, the intensive electromagnetic field emitted by the devices in the control centers will cause the employees to have health problems.


Ankara Dining tables, etc. there are no suitable places to meet the needs,

It has been determined that the Karabük Control Center has frequently made a breakdown by entering a Traffic Controller on the line due to frequent failures and parade failures.

7.Diyarbakır-Batman Between Trains of Trains

The trains traveling between Diyarbakır and Batman are lurking in Batman due to the lack of plaque lathes, and this leads to accidents and loss of life. The problem we have expressed for a long time has not been solved.

8.Psychotechnical Inspections

Railway is a profession based on experience and master apprentice relationship. Considering that the most important element of this profession is age, the classification of Psychotechnical examinations not only by occupational groups, but also by age, and the rearrangement of the degree of difficulty,

In this context;

In psycho-technical examinations, the severity of the tests should be re-examined and shared with the employees. The suitability of these weights should be examined.
Employees who lose the examination should only be able to participate in the second examination in the tests they have lost in the first examination.
Psychotechnical examination method should be shared in advance. Employees must know what they are going to face before they go into the examination.
Reports should be immediately shared with the relevant employee. And the reasons for the loss should be clearly stated.


In the infrastructure works between Ispartakule-Çatalca and 38 + 500-56 + 000, the excavation material, leakage castings and the sub-base are kept by TCDD units related to the material used in the basic form. As a result of this report;

As it is understood from the attached report, KLV company, which provides infrastructure works, was allowed to dump our excavation area from the railway line to the expropriation area, but other than the railway line, the company dumped the excavation from other special construction areas to the railway field.

In İstanbul, the excavation area is Şile and Çatalca. By eliminating this, it is evident that it has been unfair to the excavation company as it is against the legislation by pouring its own special excavation to the expropriation site and to the excavation area. In addition, due to the spill of excavation, it has been determined that ma spellings Ayrıca are in the form of splitting. In this respect, the Authority has suffered damage.

Excavation areas in Istanbul are determined by the Metropolitan Municipality and the municipality is allowed in return for 400TL + transportation fee of a truck earthmoving casting price. Considering the fact that the company undertakes the excavation of special excavations into the railway expropriation area, it is evident that the company earns at least 10 Trillion TL unfairly.

Unfair, improper and illegal ways of our company by putting the company's special excavation on the railway field, such as gaining unfair profit by the way of the excavation of the Metropolitan Municipality of excavation excavation contrary to the regulations of the excavation of the process, this irregularity of the organization and its partners in the organization to determine the administrative and legal It is essential that the investigation be carried out urgently.


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