Bozok Organized Industry Approved by the Ministry

Bozok Organized Industry was approved by the Ministry: Bozok Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), which is planned to be built between Yozgat and Sorgun, was approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Yozgat and Yerköy 150 hectare area in an OSB, Yerköy district in the 56 hectare area indicating that a second OSB Kaleseramik firm stating that the Dormitory Yurtnaç, es Yozgat-Sorgun between the 150 hectares of the area under the name of Bozok Organized Industrial Zone 3. The OIZ establishment protocol was approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and gained legal personality. OS

Bozok OSB's infrastructure construction of the ministry of credit using the construction of the expressing Governor Yurtnaç, altyapı 3. OSB is planned to be included in the 2017 investment program. After the investment program, expropriation process will begin. After the completion of the necessary technical and infrastructure preparations and acceptance procedures, the land allocation will be started to the investors. Gerekli

Bozok OSB, industry and trade will be between Yozgat and Sorgun, which will record between the Governor Yurtnaç,'n 3. OSB will be located in Yozgat city center by 13 and Sorgun district center by 22. The airport, which will be built in our province, will be established in this region and the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Line will pass through here, which will be a great advantage for investors. İl

Yozgat's 5 currently in the incentive system. Governor Yurtnaç stated that the region is located in the region. Will benefit from regional incentives. This will make our province attractive for investors and we also think that investor demand will increase even more when projects such as airport, high-speed train and city hospital are completed hale.

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