Bilecik Mayor Yagci asked YHT Campaigns

Mayor of Bilecik Yağcı YHT Expedition asked: Bilecik Mayor Selim Yağcı, participated in the Provincial Coordination Board meeting, YHT ticket prices are high, he added. Mayor Yagci, who conveys complaints of citizens to the relevant regional managers, asked if the train services could be increased.

YHT Regional Manager Duran Yaman, who responded to this request by Chairman Yağcı, was the TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. He said that they had a previous conversation with the subject and that he would retry the situation.

Bilecik Mayor Selim Yağcı expressed some requests and complaints of the citizens at the first provincial coordination board meeting of 2017. One of them was related to the high YHT ticket prices. Speaking at the time of the presentation of Halil Korkmaz, the 1st Regional Director of the State Railways Regional Directorate, Chairman Yağcı said that YHT ticket prices are expensive. Explaining that Bilecik people are victims in the price policy determined based on distance, Yağcı said, “When we compare pricing in terms of distance routes, the cost of going somewhere in Bilecik is higher than other places. It turns out that a price such as not getting on Bilecik. Regarding this, we also informed our General Directorate in previous periods. We also appeal to those who have more students, especially those who do not have much alternative to Istanbul. Also, when there is no room for some periods, there is no demand. Are there not any situations such as increasing the quota and stopping more trains? We think this should be kept warm on the agenda. ”

State Railways Regional Directorate 1's Deputy Regional Director Halil Korkmaz said,, State Railways is now on the path of liberalization. 1 From January 2017 date. Other companies could take the train, locomotive and wagon from us and operate the train. There is already such a company. He also left the State Railways TCDD Transportation Inc. We do not interfere with the charges at all. We can forward incoming requests. My High Speed ​​Train Regional Manager is also taking his grade here ”.

Korkmaz, then YHT Regional Manager Duran Yaman, in his speech on behalf of the answer to the question used the following statements:

Durum This has been mentioned before. I also took my notes. I also met with the Joint Stock Company. Ticket fees are charged within a program. YHT addresses slightly longer distances. In terms of transportation in terms of profits. Therefore, sometimes I am told that the wages in these short distances are not suitable. They said they were working on that too. I will take my note and forward it to them again. ”

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