Beyoğlu Nostalgic Tram Line is Renovated

Beyoğlu Nostalgic Tram Line Renovating: Installation of Infrastructure System that will radically terminate Open Excavation at İstiklal Street, Nostalgic Tram Line that continuously breaks down the ground, is covered with elastomer (rubber) vibration damping material and new rails resistant to impacts, 10x15xXNNUMX cm scale .

* Stormwater and Wastewater Channels are not made by Open Excavation but by 5 meters under Pipe Push Technology.

*Studies; 02: 00 to 11: 00 where circulation decreases.

* In the studies to be conducted in staging; There will be 150 meter stages for the infrastructure and 100 meter stages for the Nostalgic Tram Line.

* In the Nostalgic Tram Line, parts of the dismantling works will be temporarily concreted, so pedestrian and vehicle passage will not be interrupted.

* With the study, 100 thousand meters and high pressure resistant 70 corrugated pipes will be laid in İstiklal Street, which will end excavation in future infrastructure works, and 310 new approach Chimney-Manhole will be constructed.

* After this infrastructure work, in case of any breakdown and installation of new installations in İstiklal Street, work can be performed without open excavation.

The damage to the pavement due to the vibrations emitted by the Nostalgic Tram Line on the Istiklal Street and the infrastructure excavations that the institutions had to carry out on the pavement make it necessary to renew the pavement in terms of the comfort and appearance of the pavement.

In addition, 26 Nostalgic Tram Line, which has been serving for years without interruption, will fundamentally prevent damage to street pavements and will be covered with elastomer (rubber) material. With a brand new track system, it is aimed to prevent the breaks on the ground of İstiklal Street.

With the installation of 100 Corrugated Pipes and 70 new additional chambers (chimneys) that provide a fundamental solution to the infrastructure works (310 thousand meters high pressure resistance in total) that damage the ground, and installation of the new additional chimney (chimney) will be called as Final Excavation at İstiklal Street.

Works on Istiklal Street;

1- Wastewater and Stormwater Infrastructure will be renewed
2- Nostalgic Tram Rails Brand new Rails with rubber upholstery and vibration damper will be manufactured and installed
3-70 Corrugated Pipe System and 310 New Approach Chimney Installation for Infrastructure Institutions (BEDAŞ, TÜRK TELEKOM, İSKİ etc.)
4-Natural Granite Stone Coating
5-Lighting and Catenary System Renewal

1- Wastewater and Stormwater Infrastructure Works
Due to insufficient and old wastewater lines, wastewater recoil is frequently experienced in the basements of buildings and workplaces located on Istiklal Street. Wastewater and stormwater lines need to be increased to a higher capacity.
To this end, the first part of the work has been going on rapidly since December in the direction of Galatasaray High School from the Tophane region. Wastewater and stormwater works here and in all Istiklal Street; Due to the intensive infrastructure facilities in the region, it is not realized by Open Excavation, but by 5 meters under the ground with Pipe Push Technology.

2nd Arm of Wastewater and Stormwater Line; Between Galatasaray Square and Taksim Square (1.000 meters) and its 3rd branch between Galatasaray Square and Tunnel (2.250 meters) will start on January 26, 2017 at 02.00.
Stormwater and wastewater productions are planned to be completed on 15 March 2017. Working hours are from 02: 00 to 11: 00.

2- Nostalgic Tram Disassembly and Construction Works
19 January 2017 historically, the tram rails will be started between 1.167: 703 and 02: 00: 11: 00: 15: 2017: 100: Taksim Square (XNUMX meter) and Galatasaray High School-Tunnel (XNUMX meter). During the dismantling works, the works will be carried out at night in order not to victimize the citizens and artisans. Dismantling will continue until XNUMX March XNUMX. However, taking into consideration the winter conditions, the parts of which dismantling works are completed will be covered with temporary field concretes and the XNUMX meter stages will be closed in accordance with pedestrian and vehicle passage.
15 As of March 2017, Nostalgic Tram infrastructure and rail renewal productions will be made in coordination with landscaping productions.

3-Infrastructure Installation (İGDAŞ, BEDAŞ, TÜRK TELEKOM, İSKİ etc.)
15 In this study, which will be carried out together with the excavation works of the landscaping to be started on March 2017, the studies of the Directorate of Infrastructure services of TÜRK TELEKOM, BEDAŞ, İSKİ and İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, considering the future needs (100 thousand meters, high pressure resistant 70 corrugated pipes) cable guide pipes and 310 new connection manholes (chimney) will be made.
30% of the pipes will be left as empty pipes, after this infrastructure work, and for possible needs in the following years, in case of any breakdown and new installation, work can be done without open excavation.
These works will be carried out in 150 meter stages in two directions (between Tünel-Taksim Square, Taksim Square-Tünel) and also as night work with tram and floor laying coordinated.

4- Natural Granite Stone Cladding Work

15 On March 2017, 150 meter stages will be two-way (Tunnel-Taksim Square, Taksim Square-Tunnel) and night work (02: 00-11: 00 hours). 25bin 500 m2 Granite coating will be made.

While all our work is in progress, the area around the work area will be covered with 1.70 cm hair panels in order to ensure the safety of citizens and craftsmen.

Also; special pedestrian bridges are designed to be used in the building and store entrances in order to prevent the citizens from being victims.

Beyoğlu Nostalgic Tram Line

Both the rails and the catenary (electrical) system of the 2.500 km length, which carries daily 1990 passengers between Taksim and Tunel and has been serving for 26 since 1.64, has reached the end of its operational life. Corrosion has occurred on the base of existing rails. There are fractures in some parts of the line and abrasion in the shear areas. In the scope of the study, rails and rope and tensioning system will be changed.

Existing tram line; both because of its technology and because of the low carrying capacity of the historic vault beneath the street, it emits a lot of vibration around it, and the vibration of the tram line constantly damages the top covering of the street.

Located between Taksim Square and Galatasaray High School, the historical vault structure was reinforced with Precast system in 2012.

New tram line rails supported with vibration damping elastomer (rubber) materials will be manufactured and mounted on the tram line.

Elastomer coatings around the rail will not transmit vibration around the rail and damage to the coatings around the rail will not occur.

The existing Catenary (electrical) system, which causes malfunctions and interruptions in tram services, will also be renewed with the latest technology materials.

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