The claim that trees in Belgrade forest have been marked for railway construction

Belgrad Forest trees marked for railway construction claim: Belgrad Forest will pass through the Golden Horn-Kemerburgaz Dekovil Line 1 to be made in February before the tender for some trees in the forest appeared to be marked.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality does not make such a marking on the trees within the scope of the project, saying that they do not have information about the signs, "the project will not be done in the cutting of trees, but the rail system route in the trees in a suitable location can be moved, but the markings were not made by us," he explained.

HabertürkA number of trees in the Belgrad Forest were marked and enumerated.

An official from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality stated that they were unaware of the transaction and said: lı There will be no cutting of trees within the scope of the project, but it is possible to move them to a suitable location in the trees on the rail system route, but the markings have not been made by us. Yap

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Pendik Municipality Councilor S. Tarik Balyali and CHP Istanbul Deputy Gulay Yedekci asked the municipality for detailed information about the project by asking, ık Why are there wire fences surrounding the line in the forest? Gü.

The initiative, which argues that the construction capital will provide rent, Proj Starting from the Golden Horn, Cendere has been turned into a concrete valley with its train line extending to Kemerburgaz starting from the Golden Horn. is intended to be brought. The goal is to cut the biggest breath pipe of the North Forests into the city by the construction capital Amaç.

The project will be carried out for public transport and touristic, 102 Haliç-Black Sea Sahara Line with the Golden Horn-Kemerburgaz Dekovil Line prepared for the realization of the IMM project will be based on the 25 km line. Santral Istanbul, starting with the Kagithane Deresi and Cendere path from Göktürk Ayvad Bendi will end in the promenade area. After the tender, the construction of the line will be completed in 22 months.

'The death warrant for the forest'

North Forest Defense reacts to the decovil line plan launch campaign.

Photos: Habertürk

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