Minister Arslan Celebrates New Year of YHT Gar Complex Employees in Ankara

Minister Arslan, Ankara YHT Gar Complex Employees Celebrated New Year: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, 2017 was entered with employees at the Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station Complex.

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, went to 2017 with employees working at Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station Complex. Celebrating the new year of employees, Arslan offered them baklava.

In the first hours of the new year, Minister Arslan, who came to Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station Complex with his Undersecretary Suat Hayri Aka; Deputy Undersecretary Orhan Birdal, General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın, TCDD Transportation Inc. Deputy General Director Veysi Kurt and employees were welcomed. Arslan met with the workers who were taking care of the YHT sets coming from the expedition. They received information from the workers about their operations.

Arslan, who offered baklava to the railway staff and press members, said: “No matter how you enter the New Year, it continues all year. We also welcomed the New Year with colleagues, so that we will be on the road for a year, let's make a road, let's make a road. Let's do this with fellow workers. ” made statements.

Minister Arslan, who has not yet officially opened the Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, stated that they are providing maintenance services for the trains coming from the expedition.

”We are at the beginning of our 24 HOUR İZ

Expressing their wish for health, goodness and peace for the new year, Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, explaining that they are at the beginning of their duties for 24 hours, completed his speech as follows: is at your service in the field of communication, informatics and communication. It remains at your service. We do whatever the job requires and we are on duty 250 hours a day. ”



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