Apaydın was awarded the Silk Road Civilizations Distinguished Service Medal

Apaydın has been awarded the İpekyolu Civilizations Distinguished Service Award: TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın'was awarded the' Distinguished Service of Silk Road Civilizations' award.

In the program organized by the Union of Turkish World Engineers and Architects at Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station The Ankara Hotel, the presentation of the "2016 Haydar Aliyev Year Mimar Sinan International Olympics" final projects were realized.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Ceylan said that the main goal of the Turkish World Engineers and Architects Union is to produce projects and share experiences together with the development and development of the Turkish world and related communities. Stating that the association has been organizing various events such as symposiums, congresses and Mimar Sinan Project Olympics at various national and international levels since its establishment, Ceylan stated that the 7th Urbanism Congress will also be held in Baku.

Akif Özkaldı, the Undersecretary of Forestry and Water Affairs, President of the Union of Engineers and Architects of the Turkish World, said that the main goal of the Union is to implement a common urbanism culture in the Turkic world and its relatives in the fields of engineering, architecture and urbanism with the organizations of the Turkish world.

”Our railways are living their golden age“

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın In his speech, he said that there have been important developments in the relations between the Turkic World countries, speaking the same language and having the same cultural values, in recent years.

Apaydın stated that the last 14 has been given great importance to the railways that will serve as a bridge with the countries of the Turkic World. Ay The railway sector is living its golden age with the support of the President of our Republic, the Prime Minister, our Minister and our governments. Since the 2003 year, a significant amount of investment has been made to the railways that have been accepted as the state sector. With these investments, we implemented the High Speed ​​Train projects that the world was watching with envy. Bu

Apaydın stated that the stations, which are our cultural heritage, have been restored in accordance with the original, and 100-150 has renewed the annual pristine roads by making them electric and signaled and the total length of the High Speed, Fast and Conventional railway lines under construction has reached 3.713 km.

Turkey will make the logistics base of the region were planning to do a logistics center in 20 point, of which 7 of them'd Apr stated that the commissioned work for the development of advanced railway industry in Turkey they continue quickly, national trains said they wanted to download as soon as the rails.

”Our railway projects will strengthen our ties with the Turkic World“

Apaydın stated that the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway Project was carried out in order to reinforce the historical and cultural ties with the Central Asian Turkic World.

“The railway line, which will reach Kars by passing through Tbilisi and Ahılkelek cities of Georgia, from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, which is called the Modern Iron Silk Railway, is planned to be put into service this year. With this project, the uninterrupted railway between Georgia, Azerbaijan and Central Asian Turkish Republics will be provided. The historical Silk Road will be revived and the economic, social and cultural cooperation between the countries will reach a higher level with the continuous rail transportation from London to China. The construction works of Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway, which we aim to carry 6,5 million tons of cargo in the short term and 17 million tons in the long term, has come to an end and is planned to be commissioned during the year. ”

Apaydın, who stated that Marmaray, which connects Asia and Europe with rail passing under the Bosphorus, will be operating from London to Beijing and will be able to provide railway transportation at Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. reported that it continued somehow.

Apaydın stated that the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Railway Project will serve as a bridge between London and Beijing for uninterrupted railway transportation and said:, Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway, Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Railway, Marmaray and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Our historical and cultural ties between our brothers in Central Asia Turkic World will develop. We will continue our efforts for strengthening our ties with our brothers in the Turkic World countries and for the development of our countries with the same determination and determination as before. Türk

Apaydın was given an Award for Outstanding Service

Following the announcement of the speeches and the final projects, TCDD General Manager Apaydın was awarded with the "Distinguished Service Award of İpekyolu Civilizations".

After the award, Apaydın said, ın I would like to thank the President and the Directors of the Turkish World Engineers and Architects Association for this award, which is very valuable for our country and the railways. We, as 30 thousand people state railways family, will continue our efforts with dedication and dedication day and night to achieve the targets of our country's 2023 Biz.

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