First Concrete was Thrown in Alanya Castle Cable Car Project

The first concrete was thrown in the Alanya Castle Ropeway Project: The work of Alanya's dream of 30 annual ropeway continues unabated. In the last November, excavation and foundation laying work began in the Teleferik Project sub-base concrete was poured today. The second stage will be poured into the second stage of concrete.

Damlataş Social Facility, Construction of the lower station foundation concrete in the Teleferic Project, which was started between Alanya Castle and Ehmedek Gate. and 1. foundation concrete was poured. 2 and 3. manual excavation was completed. 4. Work continues in the area where the mast and the upper station are located.

The Mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yücel, stated that they aim to complete the ropeway as soon as possible and open it to service. . We are conducting an intensive work to ensure that the traffic network of Alanya Castle will greatly relax and bring the cable car to Alanya with added value. 2 and 1 are now available with 2 station. the foundation concrete was poured. 3 and 4. the basic manual digging of the pole is complete. Preparing for concrete. 5. Works for the mast and top station are continuing. As soon as possible, we aim to proceed to the installation of the poles. En

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:57

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