Concrete Day at Alanya Castle Cable Car Project

Concrete Day in Alanya Castle Teleferic Project: The concrete pouring stage of the Teleferik Project, one of the most important projects of Alanya Municipality, has been reached. The foundation was laid last November and today the bottom concrete will be thrown.

The project was planned in the period of previous Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu, but the beginning of the 2014'ın Mayor since April, which is known by the Mayor Adem Murat Yucel Project three months after the excavation of the excavation project reported that the transition phase of concrete pouring today. The construction company that undertakes the construction of the concrete pouring works in the area which is the starting point of the cabins and used as a car parking lot of the Municipality Guest House for a period of time. The project is planned to be completed in May.

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