Rails in Akçaray Project Arrived Before New Friday

Rails in Akçaray Project Arrived in the Front of the New Friday: The work on the Akçaray tram project will strengthen the transportation network of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The installation of the 300 meter rail on the 150 meter in Hafız Binbasi Street (in front of the courthouse) was completed. In this important and sensitive area of ​​the project, works are underway to complete the production. The iron works were completed in front of Yeni Friday Mosque at 200 meters in Şahabettin Bilgisu Street.


The work on Hafiz Binbasi Street and Sahabettin Bilgisu Street, one of the important turning points in the tram project, continues. While an important step was taken in the rail assembly at Hafız Binbasi Street (in front of the courthouse), the rails were put down in front of 200-meter Yeni Cuma Mosque on Şahabettin Bilgisu Street. The rail assembly on this street is scheduled to start early in the week.


Hafız Binbasi Street, which has been completed infrastructure works and completed the superstructure works before, will be completed after the necessary electrical tests, pavement and road works and after the installation of kataner works. In addition to all these, a new road ahead of the courthouse is planned to allow access to vehicles.


Iron works were completed in front of the Yeni Cuma Mosque at 200 meters on Şahabettin Bilgisu Street. In the part of the collapsed gendarmerie lodgings, the infrastructure work planned to be carried out by working in cooperation with İSU was started. It is aimed to start the tram production works as soon as possible. In the 100 meter section between the community house and Fevziye Mosque, the grobeting process was completed and the iron was ready for the assembly works. Line excavation works continue between the new Cum-Fevziye.

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