Countdown to Akçaray

The countdown for Akçaray began: every mega-project will certainly have pains, but the trumpets, which were counted as half mega, were a bit too much in İzmit. The first inconvenience for the 7 kilometer line was in the buildings on the route. The 11 bar and some businesses were demolished for the tram line passing through a section of the Bars Street, and the majority of the operators of these bars remained in the middle. Then the traffic incidents caused by the simultaneous work at many points esi The tram project that transformed the traffic into a pity led the shopkeepers who were excavated in front of them. Many trades have been closed the day without even a siftah. These issues still continue. Well, how long will this work last?

No more countdown for the tram! The full 10 days left to finish this mega project! The owner of this claim, the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli Büyük While the project is quite ambitious about the day when starting the project, this claim has further added to the official web address by moving the counter. And that counter is pointing to the last 10 day today X So 10 needs to complete the tram line after the day and begin test drives on 3 February. So, is there a possibility of something like that? Is there any possibility that the trolley will catch up with the 10 day while the work is still going on in many points, and the difficulties of the tradesmen with the traffic infestation in parallel will end? We'il see him count as a partner every day.

Yes, 24 January 2017: Last 10 day Evet

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