The history of Samsun is being erased ... The Locomotive Repair Workshop must be a railway museum

Samsun's history is being erased: Samsun Local History Group President Emin Kırbıyık stated that the century-old Locomotive Repair Workshop should be a railway museum, saying, “The desire to convert this structure, which has a very important past, into a 'Surgical Hand Tools Museum', it means erasing the historical memory "

Samsun Local History Group President Emin Kırbıyık and the members reacted to the organization of the "Locomotive Repair Workshop" building, which is owned by TCDD and the Finance Treasury, as a "Surgical Instruments Museum" in Kılıçdede District of İlkadım District. Making a press statement in front of the centuries-old building, Samsun Local History Group members said that they insisted on organizing this area as a railway museum.

Samsun Local History Group President Emin Kırbıyık noted that the survey-restitution and restoration projects of the Surgical Hand Tools Museum were decided by the evaluations of the Samsun Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets, and said: opened, Sivas was reached in 50. 'Locomotive Maintenance Workshop' is the only landmark that has survived more than 1926 years of railroad adventure. He said that the attempt to transform this structure, which has such a history, into a 'Surgical Instruments Museum', which has no meaningful relationship with its past, means erasing the historical memory of the city.

Kırbıyık be in Samsun, said the descriptions of the second railway museum in Turkey will increase its interest in the city continued as follows: "In the past Sivas railway was Wednesday and that the economic and cultural wealth of Samsun. It is known that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Wednesday railway line on 21 September 1924. We insist that this landmark building of the railways, which has a very important place in the formation of Samsun's historical identity, is put into service with a name and function that evokes TCDD in accordance with its identity and subject. We also made our applications to the relevant authorities. "

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