Uludağ Winter Festival Kaçmaz

Uludag Winter Festival Kaçmaz: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, organized by Uludag Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter 'Winter Festival' has signed a colorful and exciting moments. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa and Turkey is very important for all seasons preferred Uludag said they continue to work with the goal of being a tourism center.

The winter festival held in Uludag Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter was enthusiastic scenes. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Tourism Branch Directorate and Bursa Kültür A.Ş. Coordinated by the 'Uludağ Winter Festival' will highlight the city's tourism potential, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa's history, nature, culture and economy with an exemplary and pioneering city, he said.

Uludag attraction center
He said that Uludağ is an important tourism and attraction center. Du As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are working to make Bursa a healthy, breathing city where our citizens are happy to live. Green, all the values ​​of the city with the sea, sea, mountain, and the industry, agriculture, tourism, art and sport are developed, the economy is strengthened to be a world city to produce projects. Uludag, which is always live, summer is not a winter season, we aim to be a preferred tourism center, "he said.

President Altepe, pointing out that there are many values ​​of Bursa, ederek Uludag, is one of the most important values ​​of our city. Not only Bursa but one of the most important tourism centers of our country. As Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, we have carried out works to make Uludağ become an attraction center integrated with the city. Bursa

Will last two days
. The winter festival in Uludag, which will last for 2 days in Uludağ, is a product of our efforts to revive Uludağ's social and cultural activities. With the introduction of the new ropeway, Uludağ was rediscovered. The winter festival, which also attracts great interest from the citizens, adds color to the social life of Uludağ. Vat

President Altepe, Uludag winter festival, snowboarding training and demonstrations of citizens, sleigh and traditional sled competitions, zipline, snow burgers with snowtubing activities by stating that they can participate in, light, audio and video shows and dj performance will also enjoy fun activities stressed . Altepe, who also chatted with the citizens enjoying the winter festival, the girl on horseback races in the program, followed by the snowboarding athletes.

Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, said that they had a meeting and shared their experiences in Uludag and they joined Uludağ Winter Festival. Karaosmanoğlu, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe'nin Uludag knows about the sensitivity and work by expressing, given the authority of local governments, provided that development is provided effectively. Balikesir, Istanbul and with the Metropolitan Mayors from different cities like Gaziantep, Turkey's Former Interior Minister Ejkar Al da 'by participating in the Winter Festival Uludag, Uludag and I enjoy the event.

Sports and entertainment
Those who attend the 'Uludağ Winter Festival' benefit from full 40, student 30 TL tickets, sausage bread, drinks, salep and tea services including cable car and free of charge activities. Participants also benefit from activities such as zipline, snow tubing, slope style race, sleigh race, traditional sleigh race and mountain bike race and enjoy Uludağ all day long. Activities in the second development zone will continue on Sunday (YARIN).

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