Starting with Siemens's own wagon-compatible software, 4 different wagons work in Bursarayda, the system is confused

Starting with Siemens's own wagon-compatible software, the 4 wagons work in Bursaray, and the system is confused

The process of meeting the light rail system of Bursa started in the period of the late Teoman Özalp. Feasibility studies were prepared, loans were found, even a tender was made. But the deceased Özalp felt the need to cancel the tender.
After that…
During the period of Erdem Saker, the Bursaray project changed from the beginning. With the new project, a new tender process was introduced, and blue-colored Siemens wagons, which we see little on the tracks, were purchased.
Erdem was the founder of Erdogan Bilenser.
In the period of the late Hikmet Şahin, green and green bombardier wagons were bought and added to the system. The first problems began.
The software program running the transportation of Bursaray was made by Siemens, which set up the infrastructure and the company prepared the appropriate software for its own vehicles. Naturally, the harmonization of Bombardier wagons was not easy.
Last period…
In other words, during the period of Recep Altepe, the Kestel line was extended to Arabayatağı, while the number of wagons in hand was not enough.
As the software did not match both the lines and the wagons, Arabayatağı-Kestel was able to transfer transportation and sight seeing.
Finally, the system, which is local production and Bursa Durmazlar Green City, produced by Green City.
To be honest…
The image and comfort of domestic Green City wagons was much better and better quality than others.
So what…
Together with the currently unused Rotterdam wagons, 4 is seen on the rails of Bursaray.
There is a frequent problem with the software being Siemens. The majority of the problems that leave the passengers on the road is due to this discrepancy.
Our colleague Ihsan Aydin also expressed this problem in the corner and wrote that di urgently new software tender should be made compatible with the system Meslek.
We agree with İhsan's proposal.
In order to eliminate the risks and overcome the problems, Bursaray needs domestic and new software. Or trouble will not end.
We also know that there is potential in Bursa.

Source : Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I



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