Improvement of suburban lines under Marmaray started again

Improvement of suburban lines within the scope of Marmaray resumed: The project for the improvement of suburban lines within the scope of Marmaray stopped in August 2014 started again with the renewal of the contract of the contractor firm OHL.

Work started on suburban lines, which were closed for integration into Marmaray four years ago.

Gebze-Halkalı The company OHL, which undertook the project with the aim of establishing an uninterrupted rail system, started work on the line at June 2013 and the project was planned to be completed at June 2015. However, the contractor firm stopped the project in August 2014, stating that it would not finish the project at current prices. After the Ministry of Transport signed an extension contract with OHL on 18 November 2016 and the delivery date was withdrawn to 31 December 2018, the work started again. three contractors from ohl'y three projects in Turkey, Galleon, Kolin and Cengiz doing subcontracting.

In the project, which will be realized with the design-build model, Halkalıthe renewal of all suburban stations along the line, three errors from two lines, in Gebze and Halkalıwill be done in the warehouse area, will do the maintenance and repair of the train.

43,8 kilometer from Gebze fountain on the Asian side and Kazlıçeşme on the European side HalkalıA total of 19,2 kilometers in length, including 63 kilometers, and the existing stations were removed. All the infrastructure and stations were rebuilt to allow even 3 on the same route. 27 will be built on the Anatolian side and 10 will be built on the European side. 37 (Pendik, Maltepe, Bostancı, Söğütlüçeşme, Bakırköy and Halkalı) Intercity train-commuter train will be transfer station. The other 30 station will serve as the suburban station only for Marmaray trains. 2 viaduct; 27 pedestrian underpass, 29 pedestrian underpass, 21 highway, 12 pedestrian overpass, 19 river crossing bridge and 60 culvert.

Historical station and bridges

It is a matter of curiosity since the 2004, where the Marmaray Project started, on how to protect the historical stations and bridges on both sides of Istanbul along the Marmaray route. The fact that the so-called üretil Modern Lines Improvement çözüm (CR1) contract has been renewed many times over the past few years, and the companies that took the tender did not get a concrete path, suggesting that there could not be a solution to the historical monuments on the route in question.

After 18 November 2016 renewed contract, 14 historical station and all historical buildings on the suburban route will be preserved, drawings and restitution drawings and restoration projects related to stations and structures have been prepared and board approvals have been completed. Accordingly, Bakırköy, Yeşilköy and Göztepe stations will be restored within the scope of the project. Within the scope of the work to be done before the Göztepe station will be suspended on the steel carrier, under the line structures will be built and then the historic station will be restored by protecting the site. New stations will be rebuilt in areas close to existing ones.

Suspension of Göztepe Station on the steel carrier is planned after the line has been constructed and planned to be ya protected ya.

However, according to media reports, previously announced bridges will be preserved in place is removed and moved. For example, Erenköy Bridge, which has an image at the entrance of the manuscript, is removed and transported to the stores in Haydarpaşa. It is not clear whether the bridge will be rebuilt. Hurriyet newspaper's 6 report in December, "if necessary can be established in a place to be determined again," said.

On the other hand, in the 2008, the General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airborne Construction (DLH), Deputy Director of the Marmara Region Ümit Çelik, published by XVIX in the 2008, stated that V the historical bridges will be preserved in place; If the gabarisi of the bridge (height and width that allow the train to pass) is not suitable for the construction of the third road, it would be expected that this road would pass through the bridge.

When the Suburban Improvement Project is completed, suburban lines and metro lines will be integrated into Marmaray. Gebze Halkalı will be switched to uninterrupted operations; between these two stations will travel within 105 minutes. With the completion of the Marmaray Project, the total line length will be 76 and the 2-10 will be executed once in a minute. It is planned to transport 75 thousand passengers in one direction per hour. The Spanish OHL won the 1 billion 42 million 79 thousand 84 Euro bid for the improvement of suburban lines.

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