Kocaoglu, TCDD for Tram Pprojesi

Kocaoglu, TCDD'den Square Rental for Tramway Project: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the tram project TCDD Alsancak Station rented in front of the square. In accordance with the signed protocol, 66 thousand 500 liras will pay the rent in Metropolitan

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which was investigated by the Ministry of Interior for paying rent for months in vain for Akdemir Plaza, which it rented in Halkapınar to move some of its units in the past years, now rented a square for the tram project, which was started in 2015. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality rented Vahap Özaltay Square from TCDD for the section of Konak tram that passes in front of Alsancak Station.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has prepared a lease protocol for a total area of ​​18 thousand 800 square meters, owned by TCDD, recently received the approval of the municipal council. Metropolitan TCDD will pay an annual fee of 18 TL + VAT for the tram line that will pass through an area of ​​850 square meters with a bus stop, road, square and pedestrian sidewalk. According to the lease agreement, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will not be able to implement any project in the rented area without the approval of TCDD.

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