Does the tram run in Samsun

Is tram running in Samsun: Samulaş A.Ş. in Samsun made a detailed explanation about the technical failure that occurred in the morning on the rail system line. "The service continues on the rail system line," said Samulaş.

The snow, which caused the heaviest winter of last years, which continued as of yesterday morning, caused the snow thickness to reach approximately 30 centimeters in the city center of Samsun. While adverse weather conditions cause disruptions in road traffic, it has been announced that the 'light rail system' line serves safely and uninterruptedly between the University and Tekkeköy.

The malfunction that occurred at 08.40:XNUMX hours

On the subject, the rail system line operator Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samulaş A.Ş. A statement was made by the public. In a statement, ekt the rail system line was interrupted this morning at 08.40 due to a technical fault in the tramway in Türkiş Station. Samulaş Inc. the technical team mobilized mobility in the first line of unilateral operation of the trams to provide service between the university-Tekkeköy "said.

Announcing that the citizens using the rail system are taking a series of measures to ensure that they are not victimized, Samulaş officials said, “While the one-line operation for this is continuing, Samulaş A.Ş. The problem occurred with the technical team's work of 2 hours, and the tram started to serve between University and Tekkeköy again at 11.00 ”. In addition, it was stated that after 23.45 when the operation ended, precautions were taken by running passenger-free trams until 06.15, which is the start of the enterprise, in order to prevent icing and freezing.


In the statement, which emphasized that there were disruptions due to heavy snowfall and icing on the ring and express lines serving, the 'final situation in the rings' was also given in detail. Samulaş A.Ş. According to the information obtained from the Operations Directorate, as of January 31, 2017, at 13.00, the final situation in the rings is as follows:

R4 Baruthane and Kalkanca ring is a joint service.
R5 Alaçam Street cannot serve.
R6-Balaç-Beypınar is returning from the ring road.
R7- The ring service is available in Kamali Mass housing and cannot serve to the Kamali District.
The R8-Area Ring tool is not available.
The R9-Demirkent Ring tool is not available.
The R10 Pelitköy Ring is not available.
R11-Served until the emergency office.
The R12 -Taflan Ringi serves smoothly.
R13 -Korupark Ring is returning from AFAD.
The R21-Tekkeköy Ringi serves seamlessly.
R25 - Hasköy Ring vehicle does not provide service.
The E1 Express line is seamless. EX



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