Coordination Board for Railways

📩 16/12/2018 15:31

Coordination Board for Railways is Established: The Government has taken action to establish a Rail Coordination Board to monitor the investments needed in railways. The board, which will consist of 7 people, will plan the necessary investments by providing cooperation between the operators and agencies brokers in the railway sector.

A draft regulation was prepared to determine the formation, duties and responsibilities of the Rail Coordination Board. According to this, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, General Director of Infrastructure Investments, General Director of TCDD, General Manager of TCDD, General Manager of TCDD, the General Manager of TCDD, will be determined by private sector railway infrastructure and train operators. a senior representative.


The Board will ensure the harmonization and cooperation between the railway infrastructure operators, railway train operators, organizers, brokers, gar or station operators, agencies and Rail Regulatory General Directorate. The committee, which will develop railway policies and present it to the government, will prepare proposals for the railway sector to follow a sustainable structure. The Board will also work on the need for investment in the High Speed ​​Train and the railway sector and bring suggestions. The Board will meet once a month at 6 and make decisions about the sector.


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