Ataman criticized Gölcük Teleferik Project

Ataman criticized the Gölcük Teleferik Project: Murat Ataman, the president of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, criticized the project decision of Bolu City Council about Gölcük and its surroundings.

In a written press release, TMMOB President Ataman stated that it was unnecessary to build a cable car for Gölcük.

TMMOB President Ataman, in his press statement that the project in Gölcük said that the unnecessary and damaging type of yapıl Bolu City Council 13.12.2016 date and 397 number 1 with the decision to design a ropeway system for the transportation of the hotel in Gölcük and surrounding areas were decided. but no response to this request has been received. The necessity of explaining our thoughts about the negativities of the construction in Gölcük and the unnecessaryness of the ropeway system has been formed to the press and the public laş.

Golcuk Nature Park's Murat Assignment stating protected by law "in Gölcük construction: Golcuk, Turkey's pupil, Abant tank after Bolu'yu company founded in birisidir.xnumx the region to introduce a national and international level given to Bolu Municipality, the lake environment paths, picnic areas again landscaped, lake cleaning, and the nature park where everyone is breathing, including small businesses, continues to be used. Bolu Gölcük Nature Park is a place with legal status as defined in the national parks law numbered 2013. Nature parks, vegetation and wildlife features, the landscape is described as a piece of nature suitable for the rest and enjoyment of the public. In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation; National parks, nature parks, wetlands, other areas with similar protection status, effective protection of resource values, ensuring continuity, development of land-use decisions by taking into account the balance of protection-use, determining the socio-economic activities by taking into account the negative effects of the settlement areas interacting with the protected area long-term development plan or management plans are prepared. These plans also require planning; Natural and ecological balance of the natural and ecosystem value can not be destroyed, wildlife, endemic plant structure can not be destroyed, or any properties that may cause the loss or alteration of the properties of these areas, soil, water and air pollution and all kinds of environmental problems, such as creating jobs and operations can not be done, , mountain sled, nature park on the cableway route and the destruction in the forest area seem inevitable. 2873 is known to be at least 475 endemic species in Gölcük and environmental areas where different plant species are found ğu.

Ataman said that the hotel will serve the people with higher income and added that un Bolu Municipality 3 declared that it was decided to make this small and majestic hotel for accommodation in spite of declaring its satisfaction in various media throughout the year. The opening of such a small area to the construction, not to be used by the public, only to serve the high-income group customers come to the hotel. Building accommodation in this region cannot be explained by developing tourism, but only by opening it to the service of a certain income group. We think that the Municipality should not act to market every beauty it sees in the environment. 2016 350 000 XNUMX people visited in the year was announced. Is the hotel to increase the number of visitors to the hotel? Even this figure is high enough to damage the natural structure of Gölcük. For this kind of nature parks to survive, construction should be minimized and daily visitor capacity should be determined. Bu

Ataman asked for questions about the wastewater and would be used within the construction of the hotel and added the following suggestions mas There are a few problems to ask for the construction of a facility in this area, but will it be brought from Bolu or Karacasu? Root water will be provided very close to there. If the root water will be used, even the water given to us by the hotel in a short time will cause this resource to become inadequate. As we all know, the water will be cut from the root fountains in the city and will be given to the facility in Gölcük. A person who consumes 1 liters in his house consumes 5 times more water in the hotel, and the hotel will be much more water drainage for cleaning). where it will be given, I think Abant will be sent to the wastewater facilities in Karacasu with a special line as it is done (the cost is too much) .If there is any discourse on the treatment plant, please consider the 2 facility in Abant. The sewage of these facilities, which polluted the lake of Abant for many years, was moved to the city treatment by a special line by the current mayor and the lake was saved. This is one of the best works of the municipality (the other is the publicizing of the forest park and land park).

Permanent facilities should be constructed in Karacasu, which is located just below the Pond. Service to all visitors via the daily facilities of the lake, expanding the day-to-day facilities if necessary, the price of the municipality is under control.

Gölcük Abant has a smaller water area than the 25 level. The area around each pond should not be considered as an area of ​​rent. Let's not sacrifice our natural beauties.

These values ​​are inherited from our children. We must leave these relics to the next generations und

Ataman ended up referring to the last ropeway which is going to be done ın The main purpose of the ropeway use is not to provide beautiful nature and landscape during transportation, but in the difficult conditions of nature, to provide access to the main place in case the road construction is costly. Serious capacity study and feasibility are required when determining the ropeway installation. Not only is a system intended for travel and viewing purposes, but it should be determined that everyone using a ropeway will not be allowed to drive. The ropeways are the advantages of transportation and the low carbon emission. The disadvantage is the high costs, the failure to operate in harsh weather conditions, the risks of failure and rescue operations in power outages. It is necessary to have permanent staff for maintenance and breakdown. The average cost of a Gondola-type ropeway system with a human load varies between 6-8 million $ / km. A minimum line of 3 km is required. We think that it is necessary to seriously consider going to Gölçeğa with the cable car these days when we need to spend our resources very carefully. Instead of designing expensive investments without feasibility of Bolu Municipality, it should be among the priority tasks of the city to make the necessary efforts to find the cheapest water supply ways to the people in our city which is declared as a haven of water, to correct the inner roads, and to carry out activities to live and develop Bolu cultural assets.

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