2 worker injured in high tension in Marmaray

In Marmaray, 2 workers were wounded with high tension: In the morning, Marmaro was wounded by a high-voltage line. One of the workers is in danger.

23.01.2017 In the 03 waters of the night, workers named as Ferdi AY and Nuri AÇIKYÜREK who work as a subcontractor in the work between TCDD Istanbul Marmaray Line and Kazlıçeşme-Yedikule stations, were wounded by a high voltage line of 25 thousand volts. The treatment of Nuri AÇIKYÜREK, which is seriously injured, continues in Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital and its life threatening condition continues.

Event; During the removal of the metal ladder used in the work of Kazlıçeşme-Yedikule, the high voltage line touched / approached and the workers holding the stairs took the high-voltage line.

The work program of Kazlıçeşme-Yedikule in Marmaray is a clear indication that the K-500 study is from O WORKS WHICH WILL BE HELD WITHOUT ENERGY IN THE CARE OF MAINTENANCE ER but because of the lack of energy, the OHS Management System does not work.

20.09.2016 03 in the history of the 27 earlier in the Marmaray tunnel to intervene in the water leak XNUMX-age Fatih Uysal, died by electric current.

After the night commuter train service ends in Marmaray, many subcontractors perform the completion and repair of the 13,6 km road section, including the tube tunnel, between the hours of MAINTENANCE KUŞAĞI.

As can be seen in both occupational accidents, work accidents in Marmaray between 00.50 and 04.30 hours occur at 03 waters at night time.

Since there are many shortcomings in infrastructure and superstructure in 13,6 km in suburban operation in Marmaray, intensive completion and repair works are carried out since the first day of this line cutting. These are carried out by more than one subcontractor. In addition, many units of TCDD perform repair and completion works in the same line segment.

23.01.2017 employer / team (TCDD Road Maintenance Repair Directorate, Kataner Group, OHL, EYM, Levant Construction, GAMA-NUROL, ANEL Electric, EML Construction, ELSİTEL, DİMETRONİK-SİEMENS, TTA Loco Maintenance Workshop, TCDD) Halkalı Electrification, TCDD Tube Tunnel Electrification Chief Engineering) conducts work in total 16 location. At the same time, it is a risk that so many companies / directorates do the same at the same time.

There should be no violation of the rule of holding a escort officer at the beginning of each work.

In accordance with the provisions of General Order No. 2701 on the Safety Rules to be Followed by Third Parties on the Railroad, Road Maintenance and Construction Works, the provisions regarding the fact that the escort officer should actually stop at the beginning of the works have not been taken into consideration.

In the study area, this rule was not followed, although it was stated in the study program that the kataner-power line should be cut.

In an area of ​​13,6 Km, many companies work in the line segment and there is a lack of coordination and organization.

Since the 1995, the restructuring of TCDD has been an important factor in the creation of occupational accidents by employing inexperienced workers in the field of restructuring, liquidation and privatization, as well as the experienced staff in maintenance and repair work.

Occupational accidents started to increase in Marmaray line. Some of them result in death. Work Accidents and murders go towards the normal reception and the perception of work in the nature. This situation is unacceptable. Occupational accidents-killings should be carried out very seriously both in administrative and judicial terms. Labor inspectors should be responsible for investigating the incidents, implementing practices in a way not to cause work accidents and taking preventive measures. Business killings must be stopped.

TCDD, the main employer, has to take all measures for the implementation of the legislative provisions in order to prevent the occurrence of another work murder (Occupational Accident) and necessary supervision and sanction measures should be implemented in order to implement the provisions of the legislation by the subcontractors. A life cannot be changed to anything.

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