1915 has received 24 company specification for Çanakkale Bridge

1915 24 company for Çanakkale Bridge has obtained specifications: Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, 1915 4 for Canakkale Bridgeü Japon, 3ü Chinese, 2si Koreli, 1i said that 24, the Italian company, has purchased the tender file.

Minister Arslan, Japan Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister Keiichi Ishii, in his speech before the accompanying delegation to discuss their support related to Turkey with Japanese 15 July treacherous coup attempts and terrorist attacks thanked so.

historically friendly relations between Turkey and Japan Arslan continued explaining that a strong, very strong infrastructure projects in the framework of the high-level cooperation between the two countries reported that they perform together.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Marmaray, Osman Gazi Bridge projects are successful projects carried out by Turkish-Japanese contractors Arslan, 15 July Martyrs and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges completed a part of the structural reinforcement works in cooperation with the Japanese noted.

Expressing that Japan has benefited from its experiences and technologies in the road transport infrastructure sector, Arslan said that these associations continue in many areas.

Arslan, very overrated and the Republic of Turkey in terms of 100. 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will be the biggest project in the world with its 2 bin 23 meter foot opening.

Il Japanese contractors are pleased with their interest in the project. 4 has purchased 3, 2, 1, 10, 24, 26, 27 and XNUMX. Both our country and abroad, we are pleased with the interest of the strong companies in this field. XNUMX will receive their offer in January. We also initiated the consultancy tender process of the project. XNUMX will receive his offer on March. Therefore, as soon as the contractor becomes available, we will determine the consultant firm. The results of the project are beneficial for both our country, contractors and our people. Pro

Today, with the Japanese delegation, the ministry's authority and task in the field of high-speed train construction and operation, space technologies, aviation, maritime transport and shipbuilding issues in the field of cooperation will draw attention to the Arslan draw attention, yetki Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. President after the meeting will also accept our valuable minister and the delegation. m

Japan's Keiichi Ishii

Ishii from the failure of the treacherous coup attempt occurred last year and said they would be happy to protect Turkey's democratic structure, said they respected in this process to show the unity and solidarity of the Turkish nation.

The relationship between the two countries is evolving with friendship ties, Ishii said, adding that in recent years strategic relations based on mutual interests are more developed.

In particular, Ishii stated that there are issues they would like to convey about the Dardanelles Bosphorus Bridge Project. Metre 2 23 is the world's largest suspension bridge with 100 bin XNUMX meters. In the project to be built in such a way that it will be built on the anniversary, I would like to point out that if our country is a cooperation, it is a monumental project in terms of symbolizing the friendship of the two countries. yıl


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