Beyazıtta citizens lost their lives under the tram

The citizen who remained under the tram in Beyazıt lost his life: KabataşThe tram, which made the Bağcılar expedition, hit a citizen in Beyazıt. The citizen, who remained under the tram car in the accident, was terribly killed. Many medical teams and firefighters were dispatched to the scene. A large security circle was created by the police in the region. The citizen, who died after about 45 minutes of firefighting, was removed from under the tram. The tram car, which was derailed by the effect of the accident, was also placed on the rails.

A citizen who saw the incident said, “We were sitting in the shop, a hard voice. When we went out, we saw that a person was torn under the tram. He said there were drops of blood under the tram.

A citizen on the tram during the accident said, “We were in the tram and suddenly braked. We panicked at what happened. They said it was a cat first, but we looked at it. He was a young citizen crossing the street. At that moment, the doors were opened and we went down. ”

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