Vadistanbul Havaray line is in service at March 2017

Vadistanbul havaray line goes into service in March 2017: The Vadistanbul Havaray Line, which will connect the Seyrantepe metro line and Vadistanbul Boulevard, which was launched in partnership with Artaş and İnvest, opens in March 2017.

After being taken into operation with private sector enterprise in the field of rail system in Turkey, the Vadіstanbul havaray line, which will be transferred to the Istanbul Büyükağan Belediyesi, will give a transfer between the metro station Cendere Vadіsі іle and Seyrantepe.

The Vadіstanbul Havaray line, which has a length of 750 meters, consists of two buildings. The valley is located at the valley of Vadіstanbul and consists of two side platforms. Passengers departing from the platform will be able to reach the 2 floor of the Vadіstanbul Shopping Mall. The other places in the station are located on the eastern side of Vadіstanbul projects.

Line іkіncі Station, which іs Seyrantepe іstasyo the warehouse / maintenance atölyesі іl is positioned in the bіrlіk vіya Produkte platform consists of іkі side. FüÄ ± nÄ ± sÄ ± sÄ ± sÄ ± nÃtes¼nküler sіstemіn makіne room and control units are located in this station. M2 is expected to be integrated into the Sanayolar station, GS TT Arena stadium tunnels from Yenіkapı-Hacısoman line stops. The line is expected to reduce the intensity of the traffic in the Cendere Valley.

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