Transportation hike A new burden was put on the back of the locals

Transportation hike has put another burden on Bursali's back: BOD buses and Bursaray fares have been increased with the last regulation and Bursalılar's burden has been put on another burden.

For those traveling by public transport every day, this is a serious cost. Bursaray's situation is obvious; frequent breakdown, overhanging times, fish stacking wagons. Buses run by the BOD.

If we calculate from 5.20 TL per day, a passenger using Bursaray every day during the week will have to pay more than 100 TL per month. This is 8% of the minimum wage.

Only 35 penny is returned to the citizen who travels to Bursaray up to five stops. That's a ridiculous, funny figure.

Passengers coming from Organized Industry and descending at Esentepe and Karaman stations will pay 3-4 km for 2.25 TL. There's serious distortion and injustice. ie Metropolitan Bld. it systematically places cost increases on the citizen's back. It is now a luxury to get up from Nilüfer and go to sculpture. For most people, using the private car has become more profitable than public transportation. After the hikes, this will increase.

Life in Bursa is hard now. We're gonna put our salary on the BuKart if that goes. Dozens of terrorist incidents in Turkey over the last year and there was a coup attempt. We can't find a security guard in the waiting area at the stations. There's only security in the tourniquets, and they just check if you're printing cards. The municipality has an insecure, uncomfortable and expensive public transport policy. Who is going to the citizen

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