UDHB - TOBB Annual Coordination Meeting Was Held

UDHB - TOBB Annual Coordination Meeting Held: Assembly of Turkey Transportation and Logistics - Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry Coordination Meeting was held in Ankara in TEPAV hosted this year on December 22, 2015.

The sixth edition of the Coordination Meeting, which was held with the high level of public and private sector representatives held each year, was held by the Vice President of TOBB Halim Mete and the Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Şaban Atlas.

Speaking in the private sector, emphasizing the importance of to consult with the public Halim Mete, Turkey has received Transportation and Logistics Assembly the main interior on all sides of the industry, located in Railway Transport Association of Assembly, Turkey Shipping Courier and Logistics Operators Association, Association of Turkey Freight Forwarders, International Freight Forwarders Association and International Transport and the Logistics Service Producers Association stated that the demands expressed in the meeting are the product of common mind and it is important to evaluate the demands within this scope.

Emphasizing that transportation is a vital service sector in every country's development and progress, Deputy Undersecretary Şaban Atlas stated that it is not possible to keep social and economic life alive without providing modern and adequate transportation services.

The theme of the meeting this year was Prof.Dr. Dr. Yücel Candemir made a presentation titled “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Before and After - Reflections on Transport and Logistics Networks”.

DTD General Manager Yaşar Rota and Deputy General Manager Nükhet Işıkoğlu attended the meeting. DTD General Manager Yasar Rota made a presentation on railroad sector issues.



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