Traffic problem was discussed in Bursa

Traffic problem in Bursa was discussed: Bursa Governor İzzettin Küçük, Mayor Recep Altepe and BTSO President İbrahim Burkay, joint solutions to the problem of urban traffic are produced, and with the aim of meeting with the chairman, manager and businessmen of all organized industrial zones, they offered their solutions. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, right in front of the subway station and service to the companies with the hundreds of workers again come with special tools to remind, working hours to be taken forward and workers are directed to public transportation problem can be solved significantly stressed.

With the aim of Bursa to be a accessible city in all areas, the Metropolitan Municipality has made investments in all areas from bridges to bridges and intersections, from the opening of new roads to the expansion of the existing roads, and the congestion experienced especially in the morning and evening hours has been the agenda item of the city administrators. Bursa Governor İzzettin Küçük, Mayor Recep Altepe and BTSO President İbrahim Burkay met with the presidents, managers and businessmen of all organized industrial zones in order to create common mind for the solution of traffic congestion. Transportation investments made by the Metropolitan Municipality, traffic congestion in the morning and evening hours and suggestions for solving the problem were handled one by one.

70 percent of the budget
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe emphasized that the number of private car ownership has increased and people tend to go with their own vehicles with the increase in welfare level and increasing purchasing power in recent years. President Altepe emphasized that the priority problem is traffic in all cities not only in Bursa but in all cities exceeding the population, belediye Although we are the Ministry of Transport and Internal Affairs, we make the most investment as a municipality. We allocate more than 70 of our investment budget. The number of bridges and intersections we have made in the last 7 year has been 63 and these works continue. Metro and tram lines are being constructed. To open a single boulevard, the number of buildings destroyed was found by 500. The building is not easy to demolish. This application is not in any city in Turkey. After Istanbul Caddesi, all the additional lines will be underground. We continue to work on air and sea transportation. It was the transfer of the Yunuseli Airport. Scheduled operations are carried out. God willing, as soon as the sea planes will depart from Yunuseli Haliç'a said.

We must put rules and apply
Despite all these investments, President Altepe pointed out the traffic congestion, especially in the morning and evening hours, and stated that the solution of this problem depends only on common steps and that everyone should contribute to the solution. Mentioning that it is necessary to set rules and make decisions in order to make the best use of the existing infrastructure and roads by complying with these rules, President Altepe said, “The steps we will take with Industry are very important. There are some measures we need to take to ease traffic. For example, when I was going to Ankara recently, I noticed that the roads are empty at 7 am. Although we take the rail system up to the front of some organizations, they put a shuttle bus. Despite the shuttle bus, hundreds of workers came with their own vehicles. There is a subway and a shuttle, but the factory parking lot is full. A bus 80 - 100, a tram 200 and a wagon 700 prevent 1000 vehicles from entering the traffic. 10 years ago there was no freeway. Today, 50 thousand vehicles use it. We have to make rules and step together. We can have a great relief by pushing the working hours a little forward. In the rail system, density is experienced within 1 - 1,5 hours. Quadrillions of lira have been invested. Using hours are stuck to 1 - 1,5 hours. After 9.30 in the morning, the wagons are empty. If time is adjusted, relief is provided if factories forward schools move forward. "We need to extend the time between 7.30 am and 09.00 am in the morning."

"Bursa; the city where the most expensive way to do man
Bursa Governor İzzettin Küçük reminded that the traffic congestion in the morning and evening hours is one of the most important problems. Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality was the municipality that made the most expropriation regarding the road, Küçük said, “But it is not easy to build a road in Bursa. You're going somewhere natural site. They say you are going elsewhere, there is historical artifact, you cannot pass here. The way in making Turkey one of the most difficult and expensive in Bursa where. People want to enjoy and enjoy this beautiful city. We sat down, put the problem on the table and started with the schools. We have changed the starting hours of 170 single education schools from 8.20:9 am to 7.30 am. The traffic is mostly concentrated between 8.30 am and XNUMX am. In addition, we retracted all of the checkpoints, so that they wouldn't get stuck inside. We work safely and determine the routes and times of large vehicles and trucks. We will make an arrangement about them, ”he said.

Worker's time on the road will decrease
Stating that they also have expectations from industrialists at the point of organizing working hours, Governor Küçük said, “Our goal is; Can we get back working hours from peak time? Our review is as follows; work in industry is predominantly 8 - 8.30. In order for the worker to get there, he must leave at 7. In the evening, the same 1 - 1,5 hours passes on the road. If it is at 7 o'clock and the service comes out at 6.30, it can be reached very easily. Thus, we distribute the peak hour. We also reduce the time of workers on the road. If it comes out at 6.40 in the morning, it's right now. Same in the evening. The employee stays for a whole day in the evening. Sir 06.30 is too early, isn't it? If a person takes another half hour, he wants, but the price is heavy. The cost to the city is very heavy and 1 hour passes in traffic. I don't know what will technically affect businesses, but the same process will continue. It will only slide 1 hour each. You will be of great service to the city without making any deposit. The time spent by the employees in traffic will decrease and if he leaves at 3 in the evening, he will have a whole day. We have such a request from you. We want you to reach out. As a public, I will do whatever is necessary to comfort these people, ”he said.

Employment 160 over the thousand
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Ibrahim Burkay 14 OSB, 4 Reclamation OSB and 3 OSB in the process of rehabilitation 21 Organized Industrial Zone 160 more than one thousand people were reminded. In order to relieve the traffic of Bursa in the industry, how to make an arrangement in the 11 sector that they are clustering Burkay said, ay There are some sectors within the city. We have gathered these sectors under the umbrella of a cooperative and initiated a study with our Metropolitan Municipality. In the areas outside the city, we are working on the new status we call the Organized Trade Zone for these sectors. From recycling to plastic we have determined an 11 field. In the 11 area, we aim to solve the traffic problem seriously by moving the Organized Trade Zones, such as Europe, to the outskirts of the city which are connected by bus to the city. This will also allow these companies to grow. Because these businesses are stuck in the city, there are areas that will grow, Çünkü he said.

At the meeting, representatives of organized industrial zones and businessmen expressed their suggestions for the solution of the traffic problem, from the forward of working hours to collective transportation.



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