The name of the Eurasian Tunnel

Eurasia Tunnel's Name Be Cleared: An online survey was prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications to find a name for the Eurasia project.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, in his statements regarding the Eurasia tunnel, said: “It was a campaign deviating from the purpose of the survey. We will not be a party to polarization. His name will remain as the Eurasia Tunnel. ”

Emphasizing that the project, which is the deepest tunnel in the world, is realized with the build-operate-transfer model without public resources, Arslan said, “We anticipate the passage of 120 thousand vehicles that will significantly reduce the traffic load of this project. This project was carried out with a Turkish-Korean partnership. It was a collaboration between Turkish and Korean engineers. It was very important to build a tunnel like Eurasia, this project is also followed in the world. A rare city passing through the middle of Istanbul, there is no such project at a depth of 106,5 meters. ”

Regarding the name, we set out on a journey by relying on the different opinion of our people, but there was a development that we didn't want, it became a campaign that raced our past values.

"We will transfer the toll collected from the Eurasia Tunnel to the 31st December to the social responsibility project," said Minister Arslan.

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