The Future of Public Transport will be discussed at the Transist 2016 Fair

The Future of Public Transport will be discussed at the Transist 2016 Fair: Transist 2016, International Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 1 - 3 December 2016 9. once the doors open to visitors.

TRANSİST 2016 is an important platform for new products and technologies in transportation sector by preparing the ında 4T deki theme in the TRANS Future of Public Transport hazırlan, Traffic, Timing, Transform and Technology. Current topics are aimed at providing sustainable information exchange between visitors, local governments and sector representatives.

In the Congress; 'Traffic Management and Efficiency in Urban Transportation Akıllı, ak Time Management in Transportation in Mega Cities and Data-Oriented Innovation Mega,, How Smart Technologies Will Change Transportation Preferences' and için Transformation in Transportation for Sustainable Cities Ulaşım will be held under the 4 panel. The congress, which aims to bring different perspectives to the problems of the public transportation sector, will take 2 days.


Simultaneous translation will be provided online and online for local and foreign guests who want to follow the congress.

Users to the application via computer, tablet or mobile phone click on the link.

10.000 more than 100 square meters in the company's stand will establish a fair 3 days. Last year, the 23 is expected to be even higher this year for the Transist Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair, where more than 5000 people from different countries participated.

All companies in the public transport and transportation industry, municipalities and municipal affiliates, infrastructure and planning companies, public institutions and universities will be the location of the Exhibition Opening of the XVIII 1 2016 Thursday 11: 30'da will be held.


In the context of Transist 2016, 1 of the Photograph, Short Film and Project Competitions will be awarded to promote and promote public transport services. In addition, Public Transport Incentive and Transist Special Awards will also be presented at the award ceremony.



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