Representatives of TCDD Transport and Logistics Sector met

Representatives of TCDD Transport and Logistics Sector met: TCDD Operators, freight manufacturers, freighters, UTIKAD and DTD officials in transportation and rail logistics sector met in Ankara. 9 December 2016 meeting held in Ankara TCDD General Director of Transportation Veysi Kurt, Deputy General Manager Mehmet Uras and heads of departments attended.

In the opening speech of the meeting, Veysi Kurt; As of 14 June 2016, TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ has started to serve as a 100% state-owned company and the most important stage of the liberalization process is TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Kurt continued; said that the railway transportation will be triple, and that these are DDGM, TCDD and TCDD Transportation Inc., while TCDD's subsidiaries will serve the railway operators.

Kurdish; After the government's liberalization is important expectations from operators, that should increase the share of the railway sector and the quality of transport, the railway legislation in Turkey was underlined that it is appropriate. He stressed that it is possible for companies to rent a locomotive from TCDD Tasimacilik AS, or to operate their own locomotives, wagons and personnel if they do not carry and carry loads with their wagons. Kurdish; He added that TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ would like to strengthen the railway sector by acting with them rather than competing with other operators and companies.

Kurdish; he emphasized that it is very important for the rail sector to get more shares, that after the liberalization, nothing should be as before, that the amount of transport in the previous year would not be sufficient and that new types of cargo should be entered into the sector.

Kurt has always expressed the opinion about the domestic loads, said Kurt; Moving around the world in the transport sector in the 12 thousand kilometers of the railway line, rather than the 25 million square meters can be transported on the area, he said. In addition, Kurt, Turkey has made very significant progress in the logistics sector but of our country railway infrastructure does not occur in the strict sense, it is also a duty for everyone provision and said it should be put under everybody's hand.

He emphasized that they used to take examples from other countries in railway logistics and he added that after the breakthroughs, the time that the world will take as a model for the Turkish logistics sector is getting closer and it is necessary to complete the infrastructure deficiencies and work hard together.

He added that the transportation of containers with low economic value (coal, sand, ceramic, ore, etc.), which were carried by rail for years, to the container does not make much sense today and that the transportation of containers with technological and electronic products rather than these loads will contribute more to the country's economy.

General Manager Veysi Kurt emphasized that TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ is a transport tariff, but rather they try to act according to market conditions and cannot ignore the fact that their capital is a state-owned company. Especially trying to find international corridors, finding new transportation routes will strengthen the sector, found in the corridors can work in harmony with other operators, he said.

In the second session where the problems encountered in the railway sector were shared, UTIKAD and DTD members, operators and wagon producers expressed their problems and made suggestions and suggestions for the development of the sector.

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