TCDD General Manager Apaydın World Disability Day Message

TCDD General Manager Apaydın's Message for the World Day of the Disabled: 'I sincerely congratulate all our disabled employees on December 3, World Day of the Disabled.

As you know, with the support of our governments since the year of 2003 as TCDD, TCDDna large investments, we are implementing great transportation projects in succession.

We have many projects ranging from high speed trains, modernization of existing lines, modern passenger train operation in the city and intercity, to the construction of new stations and stations.

There are people on the basis of these projects.

We have to offer modern transportation services to our people fast, comfortable and safe.

The modern transportation service is directly proportional to the easiest access of our disabled people to these services.

For this reason, while building new buildings and facilities, we ensure that our disabled people can make the most use while providing train sets. We re-project our existing buildings and facilities and vehicles according to our disabled people.

As an Employed Personnel with the highest rate of disability, we host them every year at our Training and Recreation Facilities located in Arsuz, Iskenderun, to provide them with moral motivation and training on their rights.

On the other hand, all possibilities of our Entity have been mobilized to enable our disabled people to engage in other social and cultural activities. Such activities are encouraged themselves.

We are making a positive distinction with the understanding that uz Every human being is a disabled candidate “.

I would like to see the pride and joy of building the future of our country together.

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